Crypto Talk #32 What's the news are coming to the 8th May for cryptocurrency? Let's have a look here.

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Hey buddies, Here I am back here with Crypto Talk series where you can read the latest news related cryptocurrency. In the cryptocurrency market there is a significant role of the news & if you are unknown about it, then I will post the latest news about crypto here.

It may be helpful for you & for those peoples who invest their money in the crypto market. So let's see what's happening on 8th May 2018.

  • WAX (WAX): LA Games Conference.

  • Hydrogen (HYDRO): Ion API Test.

  • SIRIN LABS Token (SRN): Tech Specs Release.

  • Switcheo (SWH): Hangzhou Meetup.

  • Aphelion (APH): Major listing announcement on Tuesday May 8th.

  • Switcheo (SWH): Testnet on May 8th.

  • Bytom (BTM): Bytom will be listed on Zeniex on next Tuesday, May 8th.

  • Mithril (MITH): Mithril will be listed on on 5/8 and Joyso (TBD).

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We write the text and write the news and the news is that the money or coin is sold

People have to work hard to get money or coins, and people are slaves of the people because of that coin or money