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It's time to buy ladies and gentlemen!

I am clearly no financial adviser. I'm just a guy on Steemit telling you my thoughts. But I know that I am using this extended crypto slump to load up on some of my positions. BTC being one of those. It was below 10K today, and I am one of the guys who believe that 10 years from now it will be well past the 6 figure mark. Probably sooner than 10 years, but there are a lot of obstacles to overcome.

People in my real life do ask me about investing an awful lot. I try to stay educated about whats going on with anything I have money invested in, but since I've been in crypto it has been a ton of homework. Every day I spend hours trying to keep up on the general news in the space, plus project specific updates. I do take the occasional day off, but every time I do that i feel like it takes me 3 days to catch back up. I guess its not a huge deal because I am mostly on the accumulate & HODL train here, but I still find the crypto world incredibly stimulating.


If I had the money I would do it! Lets gain those SBD to convert them into BTC!

Personally I go 100% steem power! :)

for sure it's the best time to buy

Thanks for this information