Simple investment strategy but probably the safest - buy top 25 coins

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It's about the time someone says it - there's no bloody way you can estimate which coin will be the winner in the long term.

Technical analysis is useless - a teacup shape will tell you shit about the hype-driven cryptocurrency price. It doesn't know the team behind many ICO's. It doesn't account for herds of non-skilled buyers. It doesn't account for adoption, change in the technology and fast developing crypto-technologies.

Fundamental analysis is useless too - again, hype drives most of the prices. Another driver is out of the companies (the ICO) reach - tech-race. So many ICOs = so many competitors = so many ways to be overtaken. New companies might start working on something in parallel - without even knowing it. Their financials might be solid, their team too - but their funding or strategy might not be. They can be overtaking by a newcomer very fast (think Myspace and Facebook).

Plus, you don' thave 12 hours a day to spend reading whitepapers, reviews, 45 blog pages that tell you this and that about every one of the 50 a day ICO's.

Let the masses do the research for you

Buy each one of the top 25 coins on

Simple as that. Some will fail, some will stay stagnant, some will reach the sky and above. The only way to stay sane and ensure you don' t miss any is to own most of the ones that are making some difference.

Are you thinking "Yeah, right, it's too simple to work"?

It's not that simple actually:

  • never before have we had so many free monitoring tools like and many more
  • never before was it so easy to see how popular (and wide spread) certain technology is
  • never before was it so easy to buy into these up-and-coming technologies or companies

Doesn't matter if you have $1000 or $10000 to invest into crypto - spread it across the top 25 coins on and you will own one of the best portfolios out there.

No need to overcomplicate things.

Good luck.

Let me know what you think! Have any better strategy?

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