Global Fear Over Something? Keep Your Powder Dry

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The fear is real.

So are the hardships, regardless of where the COVID-19 scare ultimately leads.

“Social distancing,” actual quarantines, widespread shortages and closures.

Lost income and revenue. A suddenly shaky economy. Uncertainty about the future.

These are real hardships, and we need to take care of one another. We must serve our communities, pray for those who are fighting this illness and for those who remain healthy. Many face troubles and need our help.

And perhaps even more importantly, we must take action to protect one of the most important AND most at-risk assets during times of unrest:

The right to self-defense.

Your ability to defend yourself and your loved ones will never be more important than it is right now.

Outrageously, times of fear and uncertainty are EXACTLY when our old opponents swoop in to curtail the right to bear arms!

If you have a few firearms around your house, now might be the time to break them out, clean them up, polish your familiarity. Train a little bit, shake off the rust.

Get your family involved. Stress the importance of self reliance and understand the importance of the moment when some might be afraid and unprepared.

Be safe. Hopefully none of us will need to use firearms anytime soon.

As an aside, Cryptocurrency is going through a half-off sale at the moment....

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