Up for Swaps on LetsExchange: QuarkChain

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quark_Монтажная область 1.png

We are happy to introduce another coin available for instant swaps on LetsExchange.

QuarkChain is a flexible, scalable, and user-oriented blockchain that leverages blockchain sharding technology to create a high-capacity peer-to-peer transactional network.

Quarkchain is powered by its own ERC-20 token abbreviated QKC. On LetsExchange.io, you can swap a huge variety of coins for QKC without signing up and providing your personal data.

To purchase QKC on LetsExchange, follow these easy steps:

Select QKC in the “You get” field
Pick a coin to exchange for QKC in the “You send” field
Indicate the amount and your recipient QKC address
Send the exact amount in your selected coin to the provided deposit address
Receive your purchased QKC in your wallet

No sign-up required, no limits applied – it’s easy, fast, and safe. And you can try it right now on LetsExchange.io.

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