Agree with @leoplaw, and that printing and writing and keeping off is also useful :) But it's easy to be a general after the battle :)

Yes, we're all wiser with hindsight. I've got 30+ years of computer battles under my belt. Does that make me a computer general? =)

Since IM the navy guy, I'll see you as the computer admiral ;-)

Thing is, I thought I had my back covered, mirror my data drive almost every day to an external and keep all passwords in a safe place... it still got me :-/

Yes, but from how you told the story, the crucial password was entrusted to your grey matter. Data loss does happen, even when we back up. I can not count the number of times I have lost data over the years. Circumstances come to play and things go amiss.

Anyhow, the admiral says, full Steem ahead! =)

O no, with that time under belt you are Emperor already @leoplaw :)

You mean like this?

Good, good, young @jungwatercolor, I will complete your training.

Yes master, you shall must..oh nooo, that's Joda...wrong line

Yes, give yourself over to the power of the blockchain!

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