Reputapi: working on a fair financial system for the world

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The problem

The financial situation in the world is unfair. Money creation is done in such a way that there are always people suffering. The financial situation of the world doesn't agree with actual value, and is quite unfairly tilted towards the western world. Up to now, nobody with enough power actually had any disadvantage of this, so nothing has been done to correct this.

Can we solve the problem?

However, technology can solve this problem without any need of big investments in the old money system. Cryptocurrency gives us the tools to rebuild financial systems outside of the old world. They know this and as such the big guns like Bitcoin are crazily infected and made worthless for every day usage. The rest is seen as not influential enough to actually pay any attention to, and either way all crypto has to be funneled through Bitcoin to convert into local currencies, what people still very much want to do. As such, the old world has a reasonably big grip on our new means to transform the financial reality of the world.

So what needs to be done to actually improve this situation?

  • Make sure that money generation is based on actual value to society
  • Make sure that the most disadvantaged parts of society have unlimited access to the new system
  • Make sure that the big guns don't have any immediate advantage: it shouldn't be possible to just buy out the system
  • Make sure that the old world is forced to participate following the rules of the new world: be good to everyone, work together for improving the world

As far as I know, no existing cryptocurrencies actually tick all these boxes or even have them on the radar.

My goal is to create a new system to take this on. Elements that can be used for this goal are for example an API that standardizes reputation systems around the world, a blockchain to keep track of good behavior of those same institutions that keep track of our reputation, a Proof of Reputation system on this blockchain (basically a PoS-like system) that takes care of mining tokens on this blockchain that provide a kind of basic income system, and maybe an expiration system for these tokens to avoid hoarding. Also systems similar to Kickstarter should probably be native to the system, so people can show their intent together to create a specific project, then these projects can participate like people-participants in the system and receive funding just based on the support from society there is for these projects.

My working name for the project is Reputapi and I would like to slowly start up different trial projects, and I would like to encorage others to do the same, to try out the presumptions of the system and at some point have a working system that can appropriately feed the world and bring progress to all.

If you want to participate in this project, join Rizzoma and comment on this thread:


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