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Lydian lion is a Blockchain technology platform that has succeeded in creating the latest innovations, which platform will provide a variety of tourism services, commerce, and people’s daily lives. Where the platform will also implement social media projects with Blockchain technology, through which the Lydian platform will reward users through a variety of applications that are operated by users. So with this service, users will be able to get Lydian tokens from various activities carried out, which activities have a correlation with the Lydian platform

The Lydian platform has its own purpose, the purpose of which is to connect the entire community in an interface and collect gifts easily, where the prizes can be spent according to the wishes and needs of the users. Where the prize can be obtained by utilizing various services that have been provided by the Lydian platform, which as we know that, there are still many other platforms that provide prizes, but with conditions that are a little difficult for the users and not all users those who follow these conditions can receive prizes that will be given by some of these platforms

In addition, the Lydian platform will also provide a variety of services, one of which is, the platform will give prizes to users who share various kinds of information, activities and other activities. Where then the platform will provide a variety of product offerings needed by users, which products can also be provided by certain agents or communities. In addition, to market the product the Lydian platform will also use special technology, which technology will become the product in the hands of the right consumers. So with this tool, users no longer need to worry about criminal acts committed by fake consumers.

Not only that, the Lydian platform has also issued a private cryptocurrency, which has been named the Lydian — Lion token. Where the token is an ERC-20 utility token, the token of this type is the most commonly used token by other platforms, so that it can make users have the convenience to make various transactions. Not only that, the Lydian-Lion token is a token with a buy-in option, which option applies to every partner that gets additional promotion and marketing. In addition, the token is also a cash-out solution for users who implement the interface directly to other users.

Of course, for users who want to get a constant prize from the platform, users are required to have the token, which currently has a exchange rate of 0.001 Euro or 0.0011 USD and has a total token supply of 50,000,000,000 Lion, which which of course with the total supply of tokens owned by the platform, will certainly be allocated into several sections. Where as much as 20% will be distributed for the maintenance of systems, buildings and so forth, then the next 10% will be distributed for system security. Then 15% will be given to the authorities to carry out various marketing of the Lydian project, of which 40% will be used to conduct development and research. Where the Lydian platform has spent 1,310,000.00 Euros to conduct research, then 20% will be given to users who get prizes and the remaining 10% will be used to promote the Lydian project.

If the Blockchain technology platform in general only gives users the choice to exchange tokens and other valuable coins, the Lydian platform will provide services that focus on daily activities carried out by the community. Where the platform will focus on providing material goods, of course with the presence of the Lydian platform, it will make it easier for the public to do many things and will get prizes from the activities carried out. So that people will think about the types of activities that will be carried out to get maximum profitability. Therefore, it can be said that Lydian platform is a platform that provides the latest innovations that provide a variety of services related to daily needs and can provide profitability for users.

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