SUPER Underrated Small Cap Crypto - Hacken (HKN)

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It should go without saying, but this is not financial advice; D.Y.O.R.

Over the past year or so I've become a bit of a cryptocurrency enthusiast, with a focus on small cap startups. One such crypto that has stood out from the rest is @Hacken (HKN).

Hacken_logo-03 copy.png

(at press time)
Market Cap: 995 BTC (17,576 ETH)
Circ. Supply: 4.07 MIL
Total Supply: 5.6 MIL
HKN Trading at Kucoin

Hacken is an ICO that was launched by some very intelligent Ukrainian "white hat" hackers in October 2017, with a focus on making the internet a safer place to store sensitive data, raise and transfer funds, and do anything else that might otherwise be a honeypot for unethical, "black hat" hackers.

As of the 1st of April 2018, the Hacken team launched the alpha version of their flagship product - #hackenproof. Hackenproof is a decentralized bug bounty marketplace for businesses to post bug bounties for white hat hackers to seek out and report. These reports can help organizations to secure their systems before they are compromised.

I've been a member of the telegram group for a while now, and I've gotta say, the admins are very helpful with answering any questions that are thrown at them. Of course there's the usual "when lambo?" questions, but for the most part the Hacken investment community appears to be one of the mature ones.

What really stands out about this project, is the team. They are highly dedicated and constantly producing jaw-dropping news about new partners, products, team members, conferences attendances, contests, etc.

Check out some of the partners thus far:

Smart One
Gladius Network
QBAO Network
Jibrel Network
Legolas Exchange
Nucleus Vision

If you or someone you know runs an online organization with sensitive data, consider getting your systems pentested and your smart contracts audited. is where you can get started setting up your first bug bounty.


If this project jives with you, show @hacken's steemit page some love and then head on over to the official telegram group.

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I love when I hear of a new crypto I knew nothing about. Sure... Not all will win out or stick around and some are shitcoins.
But how do I know before I investigate? And that is the fun part of navigating this new crypto world. At least for me. Great post.

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