PoW and PoS as a Sexual Abstraction

in crypto •  4 months ago

Imagine a couple that has hard time conceiving. The guy mines the vagina but there is nothing to extract from it. If the girl gets pregnant then one of those sperms means that made it through, much like someone mining a successful block. That is prove of work and the guy usually marries the girl to seal the deal.

After the child is born and grows up they usually take care of the parents. This was more applicable in the old times when a family had many children so that they could work in the fields. We can say that the parent is staking his children in order to get rewards from them. They represent the family and all work for a common goal. That is PoS.

So more or less the concept of PoW and PoS is drawn from basic biological functions. We just take those concepts and try to apply it to other parts of our life in order to rationalize our economic endeavors.

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Nice explanation!!! :)

Interesting way to look at it. Makes sense though. Where did this come from? I was wondering how your mind came across a thought such as this? Over a cup o' coffee while sitting next to a window? Haha.... there goes my mind again............

A worldwide culture of narcissism enabled by entertainment elites combined with the breakdown of the nuclear family would need a proxy or replacement for former securities and crypto could very well fit the bill.
I see it as a rather dismal evolutionary strategy though but it may very well be where we are heading.

Slightly beyond the biological: In many old "PoS" cultures, eventually, the oldest child inherited almost everything.