How To Recover Expanse Coins Sent To The Wrong Network

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Yesterday I decided to be stupid and so I sent a good stash of EXP coins to an Ethereum Network. For those who do not know Expanse is a token that forked the Ethereum network and created its own. The address is the good ol' 0x.... aka ERC-20 token and pretty much follows the same rules.

Nonetheless, the Expanse network functions on its own network, not the ethereum one. So if you send Expanse tokens to an Ethereum network address then you won't be able to see your tokens. Even if you add the token as (LAB) it will indicate an invalid ERC-20 token error.

To make things even trickier, I sent my coins to a trezor wallet, meaning I had no electronic version of MEW (Myetherwallet) and so I could not load the wallet to an Expanse wallet and use my keys. I had to go commando on the Ethereum network and recover them. 9/10 of people I asked told me this would be hopeless since it is an entirely different network and the token has no place in the Ethereum one.

After I played for a while with the settings, I discovered that if I chose from the upper right hand side of the page the setting to first log in using the Expanse network, I can then load up my ethereum address with the tokens being intact! This was to my great surprise since it means that the Expanse tokens are immutable in regards to the Ethereum network and just reside there on a special place much like all ERC-20 tokens.

Without further adue here is a step by step tutorial for those who accidentally send Expanse tokens to an Ethereum network address.







Happy recovering

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I never knew that coins sent to the wrong address could actually be retrieved. A very good post, and thank God you got back your coins.

Brother, you are a saint, thank you for sharing this... It is a mistake I am bound to make someday, or will know someone whom this happens to. I appreciate the research and sharing. upvoted and resteemed so others can have this wonderful knowledge. Crypto is the future and this is an issue we will run into for sure. Thanks again and happy cryptoing to you sir.

I used to mine expanse so hard on my 2 gpu's way back. ^^

Thank you so much. i made the same mistake

Good tip, i can save this one for my future use. Hope i will not be getting wrong sending coins to the wrong address. But this tips really helpful. Thanks @kyriacos

Thanks for sharing

Good to know. Thanks

Wow well done man. Must have been a relief to get the coins back!

Thanks very much...good news

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The tokens were on the Expanse network the whole time! Because it's a fork of Ethereum, Expanse's public/private key pairs should work the same.


I asked like 10 people, most of them knowledgeable on the issue and told me that it is impossible. Even customer assistance on Bittrex.

it's a good tip, thanks. you can also make use of their help too

Good post keep it up

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It is very important that we know this