Introducing EZIRA to my followers

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Ezira is a decentralised platflorm that enables everyone to freely share ideas, information, and value. Registered Ezira users will be able to share their contents or publications with the world and their peers by simply making posts to the Ezira network. Ezira is a completely free-to-use platform. It is also an open source with neutral, borderless, and censorship-resistant characteristics. The network also compensates users for posting and voting on contents, and also for contributing resources.

An Ezira account also grants users a new identity , digital identity, that they have absolute control over. Ezira users can choose to anonymously post, post as an independent persona, or better yet post with their full reputations behind them. This decentralised platform also offers a digital currency wallet as well as a trading platform. Ezira is highly secure, hence your earnings, messages, and other things are very safe on the platform. Ezira provides a borderless platform for trading, investing, fund raising, making payments, and business management.

According to the Ezira Whitepaper

Ezira proposes to build on the important advances of Bitshares and Steem, and offer new features and improvements, and use a more equitable initial distribution mechanism, while offering more compelling
demand avenues for its network cryptocurrencies.

Learn more at
Ezira Website

Join the Ezira Discord Channel with the link below
Ezira Discord Channel

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Excellent post introducing people to this innovative project. I think Ezira can overcome some of the challenges steem faces i.e. centralized genesis distribution and low value content ranking.


I agree with you. I learnt it's in the alpha stage now. I hope the final product will be much stable.

Impressive post and I wish it to be true however owing to big ICO scams in recent past I would not like to participate in the ICO of Ezira however I will surely buy some if it gets listed on some reknown Crypto Exchange.

O really? I ll try it atleast once good post dear

Very well written. The Ezira project appreciates your support.

That's great kwadjobonsu, I will surely try it

like it this content