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What is a module?

The module develops a platform that allows users to reserve space on their computers or other devices - including smartphones and tablets - that can be used as part of a blockchain for any purpose of data storage.

The company's innovative software hopes to address issues inherent in existing blockchain services-excessive power consumption and tacit centralization-by providing even low-hardware users with part of the blockchain as part of a cloud system. The company also publishes its own cryptocurrency, the MODL token, needed to access its platform.

Who is behind the module?

Module is the work of a mid-sized team in Japan; His six executives manage a team of nine engineers, and the team has decades of software development and management experience.

Although the company is present on the most popular social media sites, it has not reached a large audience yet. The Facebook, Twitter and Telegram pages have fewer than 100 followers. The company has also received no press from websites other than those collecting information about upcoming ICOs.

However, at the time of writing, the company is less than a month old, so it will probably get more attention when its ICO approaches and its platform nears completion.

How Module Blockchain Data Cloud Storage Network Works

The main product of the module is a blockchain-based data storage platform that allows anyone to act as a "miner" (data host) with his computer's free memory. The system is not necessarily aimed at end users, but rather at software developers who can manage the back end for a variety of applications.

In their white paper, Modules estimates that billions of gigabytes of data on smartphones and other devices around the world go unused. While most blockchain services rely on very powerful computers to check transactions and store data, Module suggests instead that all this unused memory should be used.

All data stored on the platform of the module is fully encrypted so that it is protected from the peer on whose device it is stored, but also when the device of the host is offline because there are multiple copies.

The developers of the platform state that they are one of the most viable alternatives to the most widely used blockchain verification architectures, as proof-of-work algorithms require immense power consumption and proof-of-stake methods tend to tacit centralization.

The platform's algorithms are designed to provide a truly decentralized system that will work well in the future as the hardware requirements of computer memories and programs continue to grow.

The module enables its miners to set their own hosting service prices, which the company hopes will stimulate healthy competition and allow users to buy only the storage capacity they need for their intended use. Access to the service requires payment in MODL tokens, which are used to compensate the host users for servicing the service.

The development of the module platform began in May 2018, although the company's roadmap shows that a beta release will not be released until the end of the year. The company hopes to release a convenient smartphone app on Google Play and the App Store in early 2019.

Module MODL Token ICO Details

Module MODL is an Ethereum ERC-20 compatible toke. Private pre-sale runs from June 15 through July 31, 2018. All public ICO sales begin immediately thereafter and run until August 15. During the crowdsale, a MODL token will cost you $ 0.008, even though pre-sale customers receive a 7% discount. The MODL Token Soft Cap is 5M and the Hard Cap is 30M.

Module Rating

Module platform offers an interesting option for blockchain-based applications; Most programs that use this technology depend on a relatively small community of users who use powerful hardware, and ultimately do not achieve the decentralization they demand. Programmers interested in decentralized application development should consider Modul's platform after its release, as long as it attracts enough hosts to run smoothly.

Investors interested in the MODL token should carefully read the company's white paper, which explains the architecture of the platform in great detail and addresses the needs of software developers. Investors should also keep in mind that they will not see any return for at least a few months as the product is still in the development stage.

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