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The creation of block chain technology has undoubtedly revolutionized the global economy because it has allowed to change old paradigms of the financial system until that then predominant. Thanks to the appearance of Bitcoin and the subsequent cryptocurrencies that were born later, the possibility of exchanging assets, goods, rights or access to services was created without the intervention of "reliable third parties" that made the processes more expensive or the intervention of central entities that control and regulate the systems without taking into account the opinion of their users.

With the peaks of recent years of cryptocurrency prices, the media has focused great attention on the cryptographic world. This situation attracted a large number of investors and innovators who have put their capital and ingenuity into this new way of conducting business transactions worldwide. The market capitalization of cryptocurrencies at the beginning of the year was in the order of 400 billion dollars.

With these volumes of capital circulating, the market has become very attractive. Many cryptocurrencies come onto the market and unsuspecting users or without enough are increasingly prone to losing large sums of money. Some users will be prone to suffer losses by investing in projects that do not contribute in any way to the expansion of the cryptographic world. Other users could lose money because they will invest in projects that do not meet the legal specifications of their region or those that do not have the technological development and security necessary to provide a good service that puts the assets of its users at risk.

Within this context, with an expected increase in the number of cryptocurrencies in the market in the coming months the outlook is very promising. This does not nullify the great risks associated with any investment made in cryptoactives, especially if you do not have the adequate training to face this monumental challenge. The exchanges then become the inflection point for the success or failure of any user, regardless of whether it is a company or a simple saver.

The Exchanges are the meeting place par excellence of the main circulating cryptographic assets. In an Exchange we will find cryptocurrencies conceived as value warehouses or those designed for a high traffic of operations, suitable for making micropayments and popularizing the payment of goods and services with blockchain technology.

Each of the coins that goes on sale generates its own market, since they are designed to respond to audiences with different interests, tastes and needs. That is why it is so important to find a platform where you can find everything for all tastes and interests worldwide.

One of the great possibilities that blockchain technology gives the internet is the free flow of value within the network. Thanks to the various existing ecosystems, commercialization as it is known today will have a 180 degree turn, all thanks to the internet as a medium of support for transactions. In this process is positioned as the main leader in the European market of cryptocurrencies and is committed to quickly consolidate as one of the main exchanges worldwide.

The main tool from which the projects have been used to finance themselves are the Initial Currency Offers (ICOs). The attractiveness of this financing model is its decentralized nature, where the projects obtain the desired financing and the initial token holders obtain initial benefits at the time of purchase, ranging from discounts in the purchase to additional benefits within the platform. Projects that seek to consolidate within international markets attract a large number of users, who once they acquire the tokens are widely encouraged to hold long-term cryptocurrencies.

This controls the volatility of the markets, increases the value of the tokens and consolidates the projects within the cryptographic world. It's a business scheme where everyone wins. offers as one of the benefits to the participants of the Crowdsale is that those users who enter with 100 euros or more in the collective sale through the reference code emwinVWrVCzugXiWVP3z will get a bonus of 5% of the amount equivalent to their entry. is not only positioned in the market as a simple tool for the exchange of cryptoactives. sees the multiple needs of users within the cryptographic world and takes a step forward in order to provide the best service to users.

One of the biggest problems for users who want to invest in cryptocurrencies is that there are thousands of projects that are advertised and to position themselves generates false expectations to investors. lists within its platform a set of cryptocurrencies that have gone through an arduous technical and financial review to prevent users from losing money by betting on projects without real utility or any innovation, for which they are destined never to prosper.

Another major problem in the cryptographic world that resolves is the lack of security of the bookkeeping services that are provided for those who have tokens. Thousands of attacks against the platforms are recorded daily and more against those platforms that have a high market capitalization. These attacks have harmed systems generating huge losses to thousands of users and leading to a complete collapse of the entire project. offers its clients the highest standards in security and responsibility, which together with a proven experience in the market will make this project one of the most secure platforms for the exchange and possession of tokens.

Proof of this is the joint work of with the Paymium team. This alliance and cooperation guarantees users that the platform complies with all security protocols of the European Banking Against Money Laundering (AML) and compliance with all know-your-customer (KYC) procedures. guarantees all its clients that they will have a platform where all the legal requirements of their country of origin will be fulfilled. guarantees compliance with all legal protocols and security so that new customers and token holders have peace of mind that their cryptographic assets are safeguarded.

One of the great strengths of this platform is the implementation of atomic transactions that are a type of intelligent contract called Hash-Time-Lock (HTLC). These intelligent contracts have parameters of change, where if one of the parties does not follow the agreement, the transaction is reversed and neither party loses its funds. This cancels the possibility of any scam by increasing the security of the entire ecosystem. seeks to position itself within the European market, but it is already designed to avoid the existence of bottlenecks and a high volume of operations. Atomic transactions employ the so-called payment channels that are a means of transaction outside the chain of blocks, which guarantee that users can send and receive money, without the need to wait the long hours for the confirmation of the transaction through the network . The parties to carry out a transaction open a channel linking each other, the first thing they do is send funds in an initial transaction (funding transaction) to a multifirm address 2 of 2, which is handled by both parties and requires the signatures of the two parties involved to finalize the final step where each of the parties will receive the agreed upon.

As the transactions are carried out outside the chain, thousands of transactions are possible for this purpose using cryptographic protocols that allow to settle transactions through blockchain networks outside the main blockchain without the need for the intervention of "third parties". anticipates the possible regulations in each of the regions, so it updates and updates its platform to provide the best services. The cryptocurrency business is booming and according to prospects will continue for a while longer. This situation makes the Exchanges even more necessary and of vital importance in some cases, because they are the neuralgic center of the business and as they increase the number of cryptocurrencies they will have a more preponderant role. gathers the technical characteristics with which its clients can be sure that their money is not in any danger and that the transactions will be carried out under a scheme of the highest level of security.

This platform makes the BCIO token available to users, with which users are offered discounts and the possibility of being part of the decision making within the platform because they will be able to vote on which new crypto-active will be available within the platform.

The opinion of the users will have a determining weight in this platform!

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