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Hey Steemians, hope your having a fantastic morning/day/evening. I am writing this post to ask if its worth investing in steemit or other cryptos right now? As you can tell i am new to the game and i am very fascinated about cryptocurrencies but still have a lot to learn about them. So if theres any experts on here willing to give me some useful information about investing and cryptocurrencies, also i am looking to learn for the long run and not just out to make a quick buck.

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expecting quick earnings equals to getting rekt in crypto world.


couldnt agree more mate

Write about your story, I have written 186 posts on investing and 70 something on orchids. Handsome returns. Share what you love. Only investment is time and creativity.


thank you!, your comment is the exact reason i wrote this post

good info but its all over my head LOL

good article friend If you follow me, I'll be happy.Thanks :)

Truly considered that has taken a big step in the transition that represents the economy, the digital world for economic and personal growth; This is different, it also adapts me, but I believe that I can reach the level that the sea always has the disposition to face the changes that happen every day.

You have my vote and I follow you, I hope to have your support also greetings


thank you