Why The F*** Would You Listen To Them

in crypto •  2 years ago 

I find it absolutely fascinating when I hear people actually talking about products and advice they have taken from bloggers, Instagram stars, and Facebook get rich quick personas.

"Ya I just purchased all of Gary, from Facebooks, self-help guides to financial freedom, I have already saved negative $200 on top of a monthly bill of.... negative $20. I am pretty sure i'll have 10 Ferrari's like Gary soon."

My response to this is something along the lines of; what the fuck is wrong with you?

And if you would respond any other way you are a bad friend and cruel person. The truth is who the fuck is Gary and why the fuck did you listen to him?

The naivety and ignorance of people is truly shocking, in the example above Gary would be one of those personas you see on Facebook or other noice social media platforms who stream videos about how rich he is and how many cars he has. For some odd reason, these things actually get traction and validation.

It must be the fact that these videos keep coming up in the victims feed so they become familiar with Gary. Maybe at the time they are a little lonely, so Gary acts as a virtual friend that is always there to talk to them even when it is only about him and how much wealth he has. At this point they are technically best friends, right? Since they are such good friends they trust Gary and based on the comments and likes Gary gets on his videos and posts there are a lot of others who do as well. Well look at this after three weeks of friendship Gary announced that he has a subscription service because he wants to help you become rich. Get this, it is pretty cheap in contrast to what they will make off of his expert advice. Gary really got them on this one, who wouldn't buy a book from a dear friend like Gary? What a tricky little fucker Gary is.

So they do buy Gary's secret success package, and they read a few chapters and listen to some of Gary's podcasts. Then they get punched in the fucking face. They clearly are just not following the instructions correctly, it is the only explanation why they have only lost money.

Well they eventually cancel their membership and throw the books away cause they cannot seem to follow Gary's advice right. It is a very dark time for them at this point, they have spent a couple thousand dollars on Gary's advice and they keep fucking it up. If only they were competent like Gary.

All of a sudden some light comes shinning through the crack in the blinds. The light bounces off the book they are reading, "How to lose 20 pounds in 5 days," and hits them directly in the eye. At first it burns a little, but then they realize no, it is not the blinding reflection that hurts. Holy shit, losing 20 pounds will not help them succeed at taking Gary's advice. They have come to the point where they realize that Gary was never their real friend. Well fuck, did they actually think Gary was one of their Facebook friends?

What flawed logic one must have to take advice from someone who literally is paying so that they see them and their offering. Only after the person has been violated and exposed mentally, physically, and most financially do they realize how idiotic they were. Gary, Jerry, Mary or whatever the fuck their name is was never their friend. Even more upsetting is the fact that the million likes, views, and comments did not validate Gary's actual experience and success. Fuck, maybe next time they will consider the content they consume could save them a buck or two.

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