How much crypto did i make in a year and how much i used

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Since the start of last years december i have been active in crypto here are my stats for the year
total crypto made in $ : 391
total crypto given out in $ : 201
total crypto used to pay internet expenses and other uses in $ : 190
total fiat used to pay internet expenses in $ : 67
total lost to scams in $ : about 8
total amount of crypto left in $ (got these as gifts) : 17.52 majority of which is steem power
profit/loss in $ : -49.48

What could i have done to increase my profits
cut back on internet and used friends wifi

why didn't i
all what i want to hodl is steem
am too impatient to trade
i don't like people accussing me of stealing even though am on friends wifi i have been accussed by their neighbours that i was stealing their wifi


Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2020, @khussan!

If your friend lets you use their WIFI than I wouldn't worry about what anyone else thought about it.

Interesting numbers, thanks for sharing them.


Yes but i the old people accuse me of stealing which i really dislike so i don't go to use wifi often

Thanks for the !BEER

Hey @khussan, here is a little bit of BEER from @rentmoney for you. Enjoy it!

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