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Cons of traditional crypto exchanges:
Every one know Crypto is a Decentalized form of money but crypto exchanges are centralized and more vulnerable like other traditional exchanges like stoks &gold exchanges we are exchanging our decentralized assets in a centralized exchanges.
We all hear about some major crypto exchanges been hacked either for individual digital assets or for whole assets stored in the cold wallets of exchanges,so traditional crypto exchange lacks privacy security and creadibility.

What DAEX Offer for this problem?

First of all DAEX is a Distributed digital asset clearing ecosystem it offers credible and safe digital asset clearing ecosystem for multiple types of digital assets across differnt platforms by using blockchain technology.
In DAEX ecosystem DAEX multi wallet have capability of connecting three layers 1.Distributed ID Center.
2.Asset clearing center.
3.Asset registration & settlement center.

DAEX uses clearing chain as the heart,and it provides best solution for both user and entreprise level by using DAEX capability and clearing model.
By dividing the accounts into personel(user) level and organizational level and providies clearing chain technology for the standard purpose of the account.
Everyone participating in Exchanges sharing services from DAEX Ecosystem Ensures trustworthy behavior,and "miners" ensures witness for clearing process and syncing with the blockchain they ensures the all transactions are going right,and trust worthyness will be paid.

By using smart contracts used for storage of value in the clearing system participating node with highest clearing factor will be rewarded.and proof of stake system takes the work of speed transaction and provides randomness.

DAEX technology can be used present traditional exchanges as well as future exchanges it's simplicity,security are more relaiable and the data used for auditing,Running with same principle DAEX reduces the pain points in the centralized exchanges and Establishing a safer environment for the user to control their digital assets with their desire and ensuring the user only control what do they with their DAEX wallet i.e user only controls his digital assets.

The standard technology and protocals of Clearing chain are well defined and it have three layers and clear chain technology also compatible with the cloud services.

Main components in the DAEX ecosystem:

DAEX Wallet:
Simple wallet with multifunction.
For every DAEX wallet it contains an identity it will be used in every partnered exchange with in the DAEX ecosystem.having total control of your wallet and DAEX also provides thirdparty services with the identity of your account with in the ecosystem and also it reducing the risk of loosing your assets from digital wallets in case of uninstalling application or wallet,forgetting private key or product app regulations by storing the value of digital assets in the smart contracts.

DAEX provides wallet service for both user level and institutional level,with the use of proof of identity user can assess different exchanges in DAEX ecosystem.with institutional multi security organizations can use DAEX wallet as their digital asset manager and storage.before every transaction happens it will verify the dynamic passwords, physical and biological data.it also verify the user identity and device identification to ensure the risk management.
DAEX Identity chain:
it take care of the registration, authentication of the user identity,hence providing the security and anonymity.it supports low and high level of authentication and supports different type of authentication.it provides credentials required for the requirement of user with out data being stolen.information collected from the user is in certain level after the authorization it will be mapped in the clearing chain.from that different exchanges and thirdparty identifiers can use this distributed ids for cross verification of the transactions.

Settlement chain:
it take care of the digital assets outside the DAEX ecosystem with the DAEX wallet.settlement chain facilitates the registration of these assets under the custody of user,one can lock or unlock the assets into the ecosystem to use the assets across the DAEX.these assets are also mapped into the cleaning chain.

An Advanced proof of stake concept called (Asp-o-s) ensures the all new blocks generated from the nodes are valid by using VRF lottery function, with the smaller lottery value with the highest signature weight.nodes are punished with their stake amount being the penalty for not validating and signing the block,for double spends and for other types of attacks and rewards are of 5 types and rewards will be increased with the CVF(Clearing Value Factor) value by maintaining healthy CVF value nodes can achieve higher rewards.

No doubt that DAEX offers the best exchange solutions and digital asset management for both present and future digital Exchanges.

DAEX is an ERC-20 token,already listed in CMC(coin market cap) and in LBANK exchange.
A public sale is going on you can participate in by doing KYC.
1ETH = 3143DAX


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