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Blockchain is the greatest gift given to the man kind by an anonymous person named Sathoshi Nakamoto.Decentralized Blockchain technology is developed for transaction and maintaining public ledger for the first crypto currency,Bitcoin. Blockchain not only limited to the cryptocurrency it can be widely used to any industry,being the father of the crypto currency Bitcoin runs on the initial blockchain technology with less Scalability and slower transaction speed with so much development in the technology in 2014 Etheruem comes in to the market with the blockchain technology 2.0 that can build smart contracts and Dapps over the network with ease and more transaction speed and Scalability than it's predecessor.
And now with Blockchain technology 3.0 overcoming 1.0 and 2.0 pressure points with different protocols and framework,It only need to be developed and it don't belong to certain cryptocurrency, scalability,adoptability, interoperability, security, privacy and transaction speed are very high with respect to it's predecessor technology.

BrumH vision is to provide better Security, distribution,Eveness and transparency to the food and agricultural industry by using the Decentralized block chain technology.
How to use Blockchain tech in the food supply and agriculture industry?
By using the Decentralized blockchain system for record keeping every aspect of food or product processing data,certificates,photo or video regarding the production,thus making sure the data won't go to corrupt making available the exact data as entered.the only technology that can make sure this is blockchain technology.
And with the blockchain technology every transaction is multi signed with network and transparency can be achieved unlike the centralized system which can be easily manipulated.
And bringing the farmers or producters closer to the technology BrumH providing a way to connect with the chain by using smart phone now every producer can enter the data with distributed Ientity,thus verified data cannot be manipulated due to the Decentralized nature of the blockchain.

What can BRUMH accomplish with Blockchain technology?
BrumH uses distributed identity,distributed data, distributed community and Distributed procedure protocols, Building a peer to peer trust and transparent ecosystem for the food and agricultural industry.
Reducing the involvement of third man and bringing transparency and speed to the food chain.
BrumH farm:
A Brumh ecosystem where producer meets consumer who uses the product.By entering the specific data about the requirement about the product to search among the providers who meet the requirements and then transaction takes place between the producer or farmer and the consumer.
Product producers are verified with their physical identity and ethical production certificates and legal documents of the government so the trust can be created between the parties.All the data from starting of the production to the end product will be verified and secured in the smart contract data includes:
1.type of product
2.Production end date.
3progress of production.
So that farmers or food suppliers can be benefitted so that their production can be sold out in the global market provided by the BrumH.
BrumH made a win win situation for the food, agricultural industry and to the consumer.
Official Website:
Technical White paper:

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