300000$ Worth bounty programme:MOAC:A MULTI LAYERED BLOCKCHAIN

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Can MOAC outperform etheruem&EOS?

A recently launched block chain technology from chain poised to outperform the etheruem &EOS in speed efficiency and functionality.

In 2015 when etheruem launched it bring the innovation in block chain technology through dapps(Decentralized apps) smart contracts have sparked in new ways of decentralization and we have witnessed the surge in ICOs from past one and half year.

So many developers jumped in to train of etheruem and dapps smart contracts and use of block technology increased.but limitations etheruem uses same network for balance transfer and snartcontract request it lacks speed than so many faster block chains

After three years here comes the MOAC a multi chain platform,By differentiating by balance transfer request MOAC can create 100x in increase in transaction speed per second than etheruem.

The underlaying structure MOAC consists of a global primary bloack chain,Mother chain and micro chains.using block chain sharding technology,a micro chain functions child block chain functions with in the platform operates above the Motherchain and responsible for smart contract management. Different dApps require different use cases, and the current ‘one size fits all’ blockchain solution does not exist, microchain can highly configurable according to the dapp.
Speed and Scalability is the main problem for a Block chain.MOAC made easy by introducing SAAM(smart contract as microchain)it created healthier ecosystem and increased tps.

Furthermore, these need to be able to communicate across blockchains—something not possible in the current Ethereum ecosystem. This is where MOAC’s ‘Cross-chain’ technology marks another update to the formula.On the MOAC platform Mother chain is the public chain layer that process the balance transfers,block chain operation,consensus and data access.

Since Dapps deployed in a developer selected virtual machine,they do not require additional programming.MOAC can run existing etheruem contracts with lower fees and developers can leverage the existing platform’s api to expand existing smart contract functionality without having to learn how to program the block chain.

Current price as of 8/20/2018:3.3$ in coin market cap.market cap:132,576$.

Now a big bounty 30,0000$ worth MOAC is on going by participating in simple social media tasks can earn serious money. see details https://www.candydrop.io/site/signup?project=moac&invitation_code=cc4d83e79a26 @moac.io

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