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With the development of Technology, significant changes have occurred in the lives of people and the situation continues. Especially the development of internet technology has deeply affected all areas and necessitated renewal. While keeping pace with this innovation, social media platforms have started to take part in people's lives one by one. Today, a significant portion of the trade is made here and this process is called social sales in general.

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What Is Gemstra?


Gemstra is an ecosystem with blockckhain technology and its most important feature is the possibility of social sales. Gemstra performs its function in a simple way and brings together sellers and buyers. Such social sales become much easier and both sides are profitable. Gemstra aims to improve social sales, but also wants a closer look at this.

Thanks to the facilities provided by gemstra, it allows people to create social sales areas by keeping the brands they want. Thus, people have the opportunity to develop themselves in this area and even to remove their own brands. Therefore, it is said that this project is multidimensional.

People have full control over their sales areas and can examine them from any angle. Other than that, one of the most important issues is security, which is one of the problems that occur in social sales. People do not want to share their information from here, nor can they trust the other side. Astra on gemstra platform gives this opportunity to users.

And they provide the goal of Gemstra

With Blockckhain technology, Gemstra saves users from the monopoly of major brands. Therefore, even this aspect is a revolution in itself. People can achieve very important results using the possibilities here. A revolution can be described as a result of the elimination of obstacles in people's dreams.

The token of this platform will be in the type of ERC 20 and its symbol is planned to be GMS. It is planned to produce 16 billion GMs and sell 6.4 billion of it. The price of token is set to 0.01 dollars, and because it is certain that it will rise over time, investors are offered very important opportunities and investors are waiting for it with enthusiasm.

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Gemstra Solution and Ecosystem


There are four main actors in the social sales industry: customers, social vendors, brands and retailers. Here, confusion may be the difference between brands and retailers. Think of it as Nike is a brand. On the other hand, Footlocker or Champ is the supplier of Nike products, retailer. Nike, however, can also act as a retailer by performing the work of Footlocker or champ himself as a brand. For example, I'm a social salesman. I'm going to sell on social media, but where do I get the products? I'm going to have to buy the products from companies or initiatives that work together with the brands, which I refer to as retailers. When we form a hierarchy about the sales process, the top brand will be under it, the retailers, and the social vendors will be under it.

All transactions in the gemstra ecosystem will be carried out with smart contracts as an advantage of the Ethereum infrastructure. In addition, all activities will be on the Astra platform. In this platform, special wallet accounts will be determined for all actors of the process. Each brand will identify the level of commission between each retailer in which the sales partnership is established. Brands can also determine the proportion of the social sellers who will sell their products.

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Social sellers subscribe to their account as a social seller if they want to work with any retailers. Unlike the classical system here, the social seller does not have to work with a single retailer. It can work with as many retailers or brands as it wants. In addition, social seller's customer data is only found in itself, they do not have to share it with brands or retailers. Therefore, in the solution offered by gemstra, sellers will be able to move more freely.

Retailers serve as a commercial bridge between social vendors and brands. retailers can use the BOUTIQUES software on the Astra platform to move their infrastructure to the platform, as well as integrate it with the ASTRA platform through smart contracts if they already have a functioning system.

Brand owners and vendors who are members of the Gemstra platform will pay a monthly subscription fee to the platform.

Within the platform, it is also aimed to create rewarding mechanisms with GMS tokens. For example, 100 GMS token awards will be given to the dealer, buyers and brands who are the first members of Astra platform. In addition, in the platform's award-winning system, retailers and brands can target social vendors, and those who achieve these goals will be automatically rewarded with the GMS token in predetermined amounts through smart contracts.



First of all, the project carries social sales activities that are circulated by billions of dollars on blockchain technology and supports all activities with tokens is a very practical concrete process. The fact that the project already has a platform that works for nearly a year in the current situation is a reassuring factor in the name of the project. The fact that the project team has participated in various blockchain symposia globally can be stated as a concrete indicator that the team members will do this with determination in the future.



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Gemstra performs its function in a simple way and brings together sellers and buyers. Such social sales become much easier and both sides are profitable.

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It is really an efficient and quickly expanding market when we consider advertisement sector. In this regard, Gemstra is a terrific project with a neat design.

The Gemstra ecosystem will provide an innovative partnership for social sales by providing a technology that distributes the power of the social selling.

Gemstra will help influencers to get more advantage in the market.

In particular, a solution to the problems encountered in the social sales sector will allow you to realize your dream of a successful business as a platform promises a successful future ..

Gemstra changing all the rules of marketing industry. With this project people can create their own marketing groups

Gemstra project offers everyone the opportunity to work in the social sales market

The project that will change the commercial life with the concept of social sales is in a very important work.

Shop without intermediarries. Isn't that nice? Gemstra aims to establish an affordable social sales platform by eliminating intermediaries in its ecosystem. I really like.

In the real block chain philosophy, mass adoption is a great project that will force this project and help strengthen local economies!

Gemstra plays out its capacity in a basic manner and unites merchants and purchasers.

Gemstra protects users from the monopoly of major brands. You can check that all problems in the world occur from monopolies. Gemstra offers to destroy this system.

Gemstra looks like the revolution of social media platforms on Blockchain. I like their interface and the experienced team.