Why Upgrade to Black Card (OneKey)

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Register onekey card to cash out your Crypto by spending a Visa or Master debit card!

Previously, I have used the onekey card by topping up 100 USDT (TRON) and after that, it costs me $1 to activate a card.

1.95% Fiat conversion Plus $1 card activation fee that leaves me $96.79 out of 100 USDT.

I then spent it on this month's ChatGPT subscription, and also made a payment to clear the balance of linode vps. It works great. So I decided to upgrade to Black which costs $99 one-time fee because it reduces the fiat conversion fee from 1.95% to 1.5% and also the cash rebate increased from 10% to 20%. There isn't any monthly fee for the Black Card. And currently the upgrade fee is reduced from $199 to $99.

For a long term use, it is recommended to upgrade.

For me, i need a crypto card which is USD rather than EURO or GBP, for example, if I use Wirex to pay for the ChatGPT subscription, there will be a conversion from GBP to USD, but if I spend the onekey card, there will be none.





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Register onekey card to cash out your Crypto by spending a Visa or Master debit card!


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OneKey is a remote server management platform designed to simplify the process of setting up, managing, and monitoring your cloud servers. It provides a simplified interface for server management, allowing users to easily perform common server tasks such as setting up user accounts, configuring security settings, and performing system updates and maintenance. Additionally, it provides analytics and reporting features to help users better understand their cloud usage and optimize performance.

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