How to register on Binance crypto exchange fast?

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How to register on Binance crypto exchange fast?

The process itself consists of several mandatory and optional steps. We will write it in details, so upon the completion you will not have a single question left.

Create a personal account

We will start with visiting the Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange registration page:

Registration page opens four empty fields, three of which are mandatory. If you do not provide your valid email, then you will not be able to get a personal account, since a confirmation letter shall be send at it.

Fill in three mandatory fields, including “Password” and “Confirm password” (password re-entry eliminates human error). Next, you need to check the box “I’ve read and agreed with currency Terms of service”, and only after that you will be able to click the “Register” button.

Then you will see captcha (protection from bots).As you can see in the screenshot, Binanssecurity system asks you to move the puzzle to the right place using the slider at the bottom (click the mouse left button and holding it carefully drag the slider itself).

In a moment, a message will appear in your browser stating that email message with Binanceaccount activation instructions was sent to the email specified.

Now, all you need is to open your mailbox click the email message fromexchange, then click “Verify Email” orange button.

Then you will see a message stating that the Binansaccount is activated and ready for operations. This means that you can log in and start cryptocurrency trades.

Additional account protection activation

Unlessyou enable additional authorization system on BinanceCryptocurrency Exchange, each authorizationwill be followed by the corresponding alert.

Open web site, click “Login” button in the upper right corner and enter your recently registered data (email address and password) and do not forget to click “Login” below.

Next, you will need to confirm that you are not bot (captcha), holding slider under the image withmouse left button drag the puzzle to the specified place. If you make it precise and careful, you will pass the authorization successfully, otherwise, it shall be repeated.

As it was mentioned above, after authorization, you will receive an alert to enable additional account protection (2FA).

Google Authenticator or SMS Authentication

SMS authentication is easy to install, so I’m showing how to install Google Authenticator

Google confirmationis carried out using Google Authenticator Mobile App. You should install it on your mobile, whether Android-based or iOS-based(iPhone).

Launch theapp on your mobile and press “+” on the top panel to add a new account. In a pop-down menu, select “Scan Code”, and then point the device camera on QR Code on a page of Binancecryptocurrency exchange.

It is done, account was added, but before you finish, be sure to save 16-digit key under the code on cryptocurrency exchange page.

Next, click “I’ve backed it up, Continue.” to finish setup. In the window that will appear, input 16-digitcode in the first field, account password – in the second, and in third - 2FA-code, which you will find in the app (code is generated every 30 sec). When everything is ready, click “Enable 2FA”. If activation is successful, you will receive a notification.

Now, every time you log into your account at the Binans Exchange, you will need to enter the 2FA code from the Google Authenticator App, probability of hacking decreases hundreds of times.

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