Wall Street will bring "Tens of trillions of dollars into crypto"

in crypto •  9 months ago

That was the premise laid out by the former co-founder of Cardano and Ethereum.

Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of both Cardano and Ethereum, says that people who are selling right now are missing the bigger picture.

Specifically, he is saying that once regulations and protections are put in place, Wall Street money will show up.

(Source: https://twitter.com/IOHK_Charles/status/1009689496185724929)

Why is he saying this?

Judging from his tweet it looks like he is expecting this next wave of regulation to set up the playing field for institutions to enter the space.

Whether this is actually true or not is anyone's guess, though there seems like there is a high probability he is correct judging by comments from several other people with Wall Street connections.

People like Mike Novogratz, who used to work for Goldman Sachs, Ari Paul and Bart Smith, who both have significant Wall Street connections all have been saying for weeks that there is significant interest from Wall Street ONCE things are properly set up.

(Source: https://www.ccn.com/wall-streets-crypto-king-says-regulatory-clarity-will-jumpstart-institutional-investments/)

What kinds of things are they talking about specifically?

For one, custody solutions need to be set up.

Institutions cannot take on the risk of investing in crypto only to have their coins hacked or stolen.

There also needs to be clear guidance from regulators on what is a security and what is not, as well as clarity on tax implications.

Once those things become clear there should be a wave of institutional type money moving into crypto.

Even at just a 1-2% allocation from these large funds could mean trillions of dollars of investing capital.

The future is bright.

Stay informed my friends.

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Main Street or Wall Street; just bring on the rally!

So that why everything is jumping up in the last 2 hours


No, this was put out a couple days ago. Not sure what is causing the snapback rally today.


This was news 3 or 4 days ago. Today's rally will probably be brief. We've barely dipped our toes below 5900 USD and this jump now is hardly a strong bounce back, which is what we're waiting for.

I"m afraid many "institutions", like hedge funds found a solution to invest in cryptos eralier. Of course not all of them, some are having rules not to invest in unregulated products. So better regulations can help, but may be not so much like many investors are expecting.
about hedge funds here
There are other legal "conventional" ways to buy cryptos like products of grayscale.co in US, xbtprovider.com in Europe, certificates of Vontobel (Europe).
And the futures introduced in December.


That is true, though the Grayscale products are trading at a significant premium over the underlying assets.

One solution to Mt. Gox type problems would be to require people with significant holdings on exchanges to remove their coins from exchanges and put them on personal addresses. In the case of a hack, only a litle bit of the market will be affected that way. Also, force the exchanges to hold everything in cold storage.

Of course people in the crypto world will talk it up, but the 'old money' and governments seem to be still making up their minds what crypto can mean for them. They don't seem ready to give up their existing schemes.


That is not a surprise. They likely won't until they have to.


They definitely wont, but wall street goes to wherever easy money can be made.

Doesn't matter though, the real value of cryptocurrencies will be their core tech and utility. Price can fluctuate all they want from the next few years (just like it did for the dotcom boom/burst) but there will be winners emerging that will change the world.

My bet will be the next generation and the underbanked in the developing countries. Kids these days can quite be entrepreneurial and wants access to financial instruments, and they want one that's fast and easy (kids gets pissed when a website takes 0.1 second longer to load). Imagine what kids will do when they are denied on-demand instant payment tool because they are not yet 16 years old.

The underbanked needs less explanation. Western Union charges anywhere from a stupid fixed amount to stupid percentages for even small ($200-$500) transfers. An indonesian migrant worker in Essex doesnt need to know the value behind a permissionless decentralized 3-second blocktime cryptocurrency.


Good point about the easy money. I remember thinking in mid 2017 that when futures would eventually launch Wall Street players would run the price up as high as they could first and then short it and drive it as low a they possibly could next. I feel like there is a very good chance that is exactly what has been playing out.


The key metrics of Bitcoin now is its development IMO. Price is arbitrary, what matters is having developers and startups build upon the bitcoin protocol to make it increasingly easy to be used by as many people as possible.

If bitcoin can change the way the world's monetary system work (in bigger magnitude), it doesn't matter how much the price swings on its way to get there.

Some professionals are speculating that the plan is to invest billions in, with a goal to destroy crypto by manipulating it with astronomical pump and dumps.

It's alleged that those in fiat-power are indeed threatened; and, the 'investments' will be a strategic ploy to continue to rule the world, and ultimately, crypto.

As long as there is nothing tangible to grow crypto, they have a chance to succeed.

It is all very interesting, and it's one of those way-cool moments to be able to see 2 decades down the road...lol...



I don't think pump and dumps would destroy crypto. If they really wanted to kill all moral and interest they would use those billions to short it into the ground while at the same time getting their buddies in the press to spread FUD and while also getting money in the pockets of those not wanting to pass favorable crypto legislation. They do similar things in the penny stock markets all the time.


@jrcornel sounds like you've laid out their perfect plan...This would definitely 'succeed' on a huge enough level to prevent mega investors on the sidelines from entering in. They only need to 'hobble' crypto, before ultimately knocking it off its footing.

I stand by the premise that those in power of the fiat aren't going to go away without a battle to the end. As most who play video games know, only one can win in the end.

As it stands, we can go into 'any' store and buy with fiat. Crypto on the other hand has a way to go to be consistently 'fluid'. I hate to be a pessimist; but, the realist (novice) in me says FIAT is leading 1-0.


Is it right??Bring money to crypto.

The future is indeed bright
Thanks for the information
You’re much appreciated

Yes, I totally agree with you @jrcornel. If wall street comes into action then the day is not so far when the crypto industry float in trillions. keep supporting crypto world!!

Hoskinson is a very respected babe in this space and Ada is a great project with a vision. The future of this space will be built in the foundation at by people like him. ... His words are worth listening to..

"To an onlooker, the fields may look barren. But the farmer had just sown his seeds for the season"
-Andreas Antonopolous

It's not too much of the stretch to believe that there is interest coming from Wall Street. Companies are moving away from IPO to ICO and it wont be hard to think that Wall Street could be interested in putting money behind some of the projects they think would ROI.

Stay informed my friends.

That's why we follow you, @jrcornel, that's why we follow you.. ;-)


Haha glad to hear it!

Sure hope he is right :)

@jrcornel what do you think which one will be a winner in long run EOS or

He might be right, the Crypto space is the new galaxy, mooning is just a matter of time

huge potential and a new distinct currency of each community.

Hi brother, can we expect bull run in crypto? If institutional money moved into crypto world??

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@jrcornel pls tell me which coin much better bitween cardano and eth.. I have now 2eth..

We can just hope that this news is not a rumour . Crypto is just testing our patience and we have to be strong enough .