Poll: Roughly half of millennials say they are interested in using cryptocurrency instead of the dollar

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The times, they are a changing.

Remember when everyone used the dollar, for everything?

Well those times may be changing in the near future.

In a poll released by YouGov, it was revealed that roughly half of millennials would rather use a cryptocurrency than the US dollar.

The poll was of 1,202 millenials.

The poll was conducted in the US.

Some interesting findings:

According to YouGov, they found that 79% of those polled have heard of cryptocurrencies.

71% said they had heard of bitcoin.

The next most popular cryptocurrency was Ether, with 13% of those polled having heard of it.

Interestingly, of that 71% that have heard of bitcoin, 87% have never mined, traded, used, or purchased any bitcoin.

More findings from the report can be found here:


Some thoughts:

Not surprisingly, there is a big drop off from those that have heard of bitcoin to those that have actually ever purchased it.

That is a major reason why myself and many others are so bullish.

If bitcoin really does catch on, there is a ton of buyers left out there for it to go much higher.

Surprisingly, roughly half of millennials would prefer to use crypto over the dollar.

I knew this number would be high, but not this high.

That tells me that we are not far off from crypto catching on as a form of payment, especially as these millennials continue to age and gain more influence and more resources going forward.

Stay informed my friends.

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I heard someone say, and its brilliant, that most of the users of bitcoin have not been born yet. Meaning this, the future of bitcoin is bigger than we know, it doesnt matter where BTC is at next month, think bigger. Where will BTC be in 100 years? I think the answer is "alive and well". That is why I buy even when prices are falling, and why I will always buy more.


Yep, that is a great point for anyone with a long time horizon. For those hoping to speculate on bitcoin for next month's rent, not so rosy.


Time to buy! :)

Time changing quickly that's something everyone should will be considering

I have thought about it this way: it took a thousand years or more to use gold instead of barter (trading), a couple of hundred years to move to paper fiat currency, a couple of decades to use Plastic cards so it may take a couple of years before we go digital. My boss went to China a couple of weeks ago and told me that his credit cards were not acceptable there outside of hotels as all commerce is done with phones and QR codes already. It it not if it is coming, its when!


Agreed. Mass adoption will take some time. Though like you said, it's likely not an if but a when. It would be nice if prices just went sideways for a bit or trended up for a bit for a change while we wait though. :)

bitcoin is the future.
well done @jrcornel

I´m absolutely with you @newageinv ! The ever faster advancing technical progress provides for an ever shorter period of an "era". In terms of cryptocurrencies, I see this as a great opportunity for our generation to see great things coming. The effects are already noticeable today and on everyone's lips and that, although this technology has only a blink of an eye behind it.


Correct. Things are speeding up and advancing more rapidly. We just need this bear market to speed up and be done with already.

Then they should be buying buying buying!


Eventually, they may.

They will enter and then everything will be green numbers 😉 again!!!


Haha, I sure hope so!


El mundo está cambiando y con este cambio también está involucrado el dinero. Las criptos son el presente y futuro, debemos adoptarnos al cambio, saludos, espero verlo por mi blog.

Yea we just need to hang in for a couple of years until the good times comes :)


A couple years sure sounds like a long time in crypto...

same story when internet just started. older generation might think its a joke and not viable until its become part of our life.


That is probably true. Once it is as easy or easier than credit cards, then we see mass adoption spike in a major way.

Its good to at least know bitcoin. Hopefully they buy some and become of the revolution.


Knowing is the first step towards buying. :)