First it was George Soros, now it's Rockefeller

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Venrock (a Rockefeller company) announced that they will be investing in cryptocurrencies going forward.

Venrock is a venture capital firm created by the Rockefeller family in 1969 to capitalize on the successful investing activities of the Rockefeller family that started back in the 1930's.

Venrock is currently a 3 billion dollar firm, but it wasn't always that way...

The firm started with a mere $1 million investment, but after several major winners along the way, the firm became worth roughly $3 billion as of today.

The firm was founded by the grandson of John D. Rockefeller, who brought his siblings together to launch the family firm.

The firm to enter the cryptocurrency space?

The firm recently announced that they will be investing in the cryptocurrency markets as well as new crypto related projects.

Specifically, Venrock announced that they will be partnering with CoinFund, which is a venture capital fund that invests in companies that use blockchain technology. To date, one of their greatest success stories is that of KIK, which is a widely used chat app that recently launched its own cryptocurrency.

David Packman, one of the fund's partners had this to say regarding their cryptocurrency investment plans:

"Venrock isn't interested in short-term gains, but rather the long-term future of crypto. Venrock is making a multi-million dollar bet on cryptocurrencies being part of our daily lives in the future."

There you have it, Venrock isn't interested in speculating on the hot crypto of the day.

Instead, they are looking at more from the venture capital side. IE helping promising projects raise funds and making very large returns when those projects eventually reach maturity.


Think that sounds like wishful thinking on their part?

Well take a look at some of the other success stories of Venrock.

Venrock was an early stage investor of both Apple and Intel long before they were household names.

Currently, they are invested in Nest and Dollar Shave Club. Both of which have grown to multi billion dollar valuations after Venrock got involved.

Venrock has had a very astute eye in the past when it comes to evaluating potential investments and it seems the crypto industry has caught their eye as of late.

I would not be surprised to hear that many other venture capital firms start to follow their lead into the space as this does appear to be a major growth area going forward.

It appears the underlying infrastructure continues to strengthen despite the recent price declines that seem to be happening just about every day.

More about the news can be found here:

Stay informed my friends.

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That is great. The more big names continue to announce they are entering the space the more acceptable it will be to call it an asset class allocation.

yeah the tide is changing! hodl :)

Creo es que es un buen momento para comprar y guardar varias criptomonedas, cuando este tipo de noticias salen a luz publica por lo general tienden a disparar los precios!!


Usually when these people say something they do the opposite.
So if they says that they will invest, its to bring more people in the market so they can steal there money.
They want to boost the prices so they can get out with huge profits.

Let them boost the prices. This time it is not only them to profit from it in this decentralized world.

Yes good point. Let them boost the prices all they want. There is plenty of other money looking to come in. We are talking about a $250 billion market. These guys have a couple billion to play with, market is already too big for them to control.

jrcornel, one of the best posts I've read. Quite amazing that the Rockefellers were early investors in Nest and Dollar Shave Club, the first of which was remarkable in that it beat out many competitors before being sold at a pretty penny to google and the second which was remarkable for its viral marketing and huge growth.

These billionaires are buying up the infrastructure of the next crypto bull run.

Well you have heard it said..." Follow the money"...... If a wealthy family like that is zeroing in on cryptocurrency, than it's a long haul deal. They planning years ahead by setting up shop.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Suspicious and not surprising. but watch out. Also in crypto they want to rule the world.

This is just the start.

People think the 'big players' won't invest in crypto, yet fail to realise wars are literally started to make money.

Big players only cares about more money, not where or how they make it.

Keep in mind that the idea of timelines for these types of multi-generational wealthy families is much different than our own. It's likely their short term is our long term, and their long term goes beyond a lifespan.

Yes, that is a great point.

Some of you are suspicious of these people and of their involvement in crypto. I am too. They have already messed up the fiat money, and crypto is a good solution for us to get some financial independence! As long as it left free, unmanipulated - it is a great tool to keep our economies going.

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Thanks for the great content!!

Good news is that big guns are coming in cryptocurrency. Wish that they will not play games and ruin the market. Thanks for sharing.

When money that is this big and this old comes into the crypto market you know things are going to get huge. This is some of the oldest investors in the country, and now their attention is moving towards Bitcoin and crypto? Big change gonna come....might be a few months but we potentially will see Bitcoin get enormous while some of the richest try to buy it all up...don't forget there is a finite supply!

Great article, thanks for sharing. I've hit the upvote button for you!

I'm actually shocked that it has taken them this long to cast a interested eye on crypto. Only time will tell if this will be good for crypto or bad.

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Hello Jrcornel,

If the rich are investing in Bitcoin, I will continue buying Bitcoin since I have already have bought some before.
These rich families like to plan 10 to 30 years ahead so, they must see a great opportunity to make lots of money so investing in Cryptocurrencies.

Yes that is a good point. And also notice that they aren't investing all that much in the coins themselves, but instead in building up the projects they think have lots of potential.

As they say follow the money.
Have you seen those dollar shave club commercials? Too funny....
Their blades are F***ing Great.
That was an easy/good financial call for certain.

They're probably bored of the money train!
They're now boarding the crypto train
These are successful people if you
desire to wealthy follow in their footsteps
All aboard the crypto train/chain!

You have a minor grammatical mistake in the following sentence:

To date one of their greatest success stories is that of KIK, which is a widely used chat app that recently launched it's own cryptocurrency.
It should be its own instead of it's own.

John D. Rockefeller is the second-wealthiest figure of the modern period (net worth of $336 billion

Inflation adjusted?

Nice, I did not know Venrock enterted with a positive and long term sentiment.
That is actually wonderful news. I love seeing more family offices coming into the space for the Long haul. It brings a much needed legitimacy to our industry, thank you for sharing this!

It is true that business people think everything in the long run, thrive their business and make good investments , especially when the business is running for generations but they also think about winning as much as possible. It's a very good post

Well of course old, big money is getting involved now. They've realized the FUD campaigns have failed and that crypto is here to stay. They want to tip the scale of wealth back to them before it goes to us normal people.

It goes down the rabbit hole further when you look into the Luciferian side of things. Some freaky shit !
If you like fishing follow along people. Tight lines

Institutions are starting to get their feet wet on the potential of the technology. Regulation continues to hold most of the back but that could be settled soon as the demand for these assets is still there. Unfortunately, they are taking advantage at the loss of retail investors who bought into the hype of last year so it will be another story of institutions making gains on the backs of individual investors.

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If these people will enter he crypto space, then there will be a good chance the increase of BTC will be sooner than I expected.

good job brother👏👏👏

I've shared many important information about you with all of us really beautiful. You made it very beautiful that you have shared it with us. Many people do not know about the history of Rockefeller. We know from you that you are welcome to all the ESTIMATE annually it is just a News Net History and some important information about Bitcoin We have benefited a lot from knowing that you have received it

This is where we say the more the merrier!
They are more than welcome to join the crypto space..wishful thinking? Probably, only time will tell.

Cool Post. Since you got the bitcoin tag do you have a prediction for Bitcoin over the next few days? Also followed you for future posts :)

I'm thinking it bottoms out in the next few days and starts trending back up. I think tax related selling has been a big drag on the price over the past few months. That ends shortly.

Hi friend, i'm new in this comunity, i'm from Venezuela, i hope you support, regards!!!

Blockchain and cryptocurrency is still the future and the early adopters will get the most out of it.
so therefore, i believe Venrock has seen the future has their great grandfather Rockefeller always see.

Good post. Just upvoted it. I just hope people (venture capitalist and retail investors alike) aren't dismissing the liklihood we're in a bubble.

With over 1,300 cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, of course, being the leader), the only way a cyrpto can survive is if they can differentiate themselves from the pack by providing something unique.

Litecoin, for instance, with it's speedier Scrypt algo allows blocks to be mined 1/4 faster than bitcoin.

Good Content

Maybe the crash was orchestrated to drive down the price so they could pick up a bargin

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yes that has crossed my mind as well. I don't think there was any coincidence that prices ran way up when Wall Street first started dipping their toes in, and then crashed right after. They are probably loading up again for the next leg up.


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Hi @jrcornel, please help to vote me @waliyurrahman as I am new in steemit.and you are very experienced in steemit.

Yes oh.."but after several major winners along the way, the firm became worth roughly $3 billion as of today"....."and it seems the crypto industry has caught their eye as of late.",,what do you expect, everybody wants to associate with success and success they say; have many friends and the future here, is very bright!.Thank you very much @jrcornel for this great information.

Thanks for sharing with us this amazing news, I want bullish market too! cheers @jrcornel

Of course, we should have expected this, however I would rather just not know as this is deeply upsetting.

good post sir