KLEROS: Innovative Decentralized System for Online Dispute Resolution for the Virtual and Real World

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KLEROS: Innovative Decentralized System for Online Dispute Resolution for the Virtual and Real World

With the current boom of the Internet and new associated technologies, especially Blockchains, decentralization and cryptocurrencies, the flow of interactions between people and companies around the world has increased, regardless of the distances that separate them.

In fact, cryptocurrencies and digital means of payment are currently widely used as a form of consideration for work carried out, investments, negotiations and commercial exchanges; evidencing that every day there are more people and companies that are related based on this growing virtual world, to continuously increase the large number of new exchanges, users, digital media and cryptocurrencies.

However, this huge increase in interactive, commercial, market and payments has generated several problems, among which the immense amount of disputes that occur daily for various reasons, among which the different perceptions or points of view stand out of the parties involved.

That is, disputes usually occur in the virtual world, cryptographic, blockchain technology, digital, decentralized and global economy based on trust; disputes that can hardly be resolved by the Ordinary or State Courts in the real world, and even worse when the parties involved are from different countries without extraterritorial dispute resolution mechanisms.

On the other hand, we all know that it is currently important to take care and avoid losing assets, currencies, investments, payments, compensation, contracts and the time factor, for causes that can be avoided; especially if they are caused by disputes. Therefore, it is essential to have someone dedicated to increase reliability in operations and to safeguard assets and time; so that it generates more confidence and in any case, can resolve disputes transparently, quickly and fairly, based on professional experts. In this context, is where Kleros (https://kleros.io/) offers us its excellent and innovative benefits.


Kleros: Online Dispute Resolution System

So, the solution to the aforementioned problems is Kleros (https://kleros.io/), because its decentralized philosophy interconnects users who need to resolve disputes with qualified and impartial juries who have skills and a high sense of honesty to solve them, fair, fast and safe way.

In this sense, Kleros (https://kleros.io/) is the dispute resolution layer using blockchain technology and competent, noble and just juries, with sufficient skills to resolve disputes for practically any case, and quickly, safe, fair, affordable, impartial and objective of specialized judges. Designed as an innovative decentralized online dispute resolution system for the virtual and real world.

In addition, the potential offered by Kleros (https://kleros.io/) provides the ability for the user to make a completely secure intelligent contract with an unreliable client, advised by Kleros specialists who will serve as a guide for protect your investment, commercial exchange, assets or consideration for work done.

Therefore, it is reaffirmed that Kleros (https://kleros.io/) is an excellent and novel dispute resolution mechanism in the blockchain, similar to a decentralized and online justice delivery system; ideal to benefit any user anywhere in the world, which requires resolving disputes.

In fact, Kleros (https://kleros.io/) is based on the tetrahedron of cryptographic technologies, crowdsourcing, blockchain and game theory to implement a system of justice and specialized arbitration, idealized and very realistic at the same time; to generate quick, fair, honest, reliable, true, responsible, safe, and impartial decisions at a low cost.


Benefits of Kleros

One of the biggest benefits that Kleros offers (https://kleros.io/), is that by itself it constitutes an excellent alternative for any person or for any small, medium, large company or corporation to handle and resolve any dispute in any part of the world, online, fast, safe, honest, fair and very low cost.

Another of the great benefits of Kleros (https://kleros.io/) is that the main participant of a dispute is the Jury in arbitration, who will receive their fair payment for their efforts, to avoid manipulations, bribes and to motivate them to be honest, fair and impartial, unable to communicate with each other, based on their behavior in game theory.

Therefore, professionals specialized in the virtual world for the resolution of disputes in different areas, may have the opportunity to earn money in cryptocurrencies of Kleros, acting as honest judges in the resolution of disputes in this platform and online, without import in what part of the world they live; The more honest, fair and congruent the specialist is, the more money he will earn and his reputation will rise.



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