This is criminal...

in crypto •  19 days ago

Why do banks have this rule anyways?

Two years of inactivity is not enough time...


So, if you leave your money in a bank and don't touch it for 2 years, then it is automatically theirs to take?

In what world does that make sense?

It should be something like a 5 year inactivity fee if anything...

Even then, there should be no activity fee. They should send you a check for your money with the address you have on file with bank.

You know, considering every banks makes you fill out a ton of personal info before you can hold your money there, including your social and your home address.

With those they should be able to find you if you haven't used your bank account for 2 years...

Short the bankers, long bitcoin!

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because they are thieves


It's a great business model! For them....

Money is gone gone gone 😩👎😩


Doesn't seem right does it corndog?

Not all banks behave this way.


I think just about all the big ones have this same inactivity clause.