ICO Funding hits lowest mark in over a year

in crypto •  2 months ago

The month of August saw $300 million raised for ICOs.

The smallest monthly total in over a year.

This is exactly what we need for things to bottom out.

Once all the easy money has dried up we can start actually building again.

Also I believe a lot of the weakness in bitcoin has been selling to fund new ICO projects.

We need that to stop.

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Maybe the rush to found new coins is over; we can now focus on which ones will have long term sustainably 😁💰😁


Yes, exactly. That is the hope anyways.

I am glad that it is finally slowing down. You saw a lot of young investors that were new to the space and did little to no research before jumping into ICO's and they dumped everything the minute the got their coins... it didn't help the market to see billions of dollars wasted in ICO's that weren't very good projects.

Good to know, this was long overdue! At least now we are able to recover.


Yep. I think a lot of bitcoin money has been leaking into ICOs. I wish that would stop.