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Hello Steemit Community!

It's been 2 months since I posted my last post, I spent a lot of time in this platform creating content and engaging with the community but this last 2 months I been off mainly because of lack of time and of course the market conditions.
(I will be back very soon)

I don't need to say that the market is pretty bad now, altcoins took a big retrace and brought a lot of lessons to new and old investors and if you are a bit active in crypto in the last months you notice the downtrend of activity in some communities, a big part of the market lost interest and I understand the majority of people that invested thought this was a sacred investment and that everyone will become rich LOL

This is a big lesson and a big shakeout of people that just wanted a quick buck and never contributed to the market!

Don't get me wrong, I entered the market as an investor, like the majority, and I'm not gonna say the money is a big impulse and motivation but I didn't invest blindly without knowing anything about crypto like the majority of people that blow up Coinbase in December.

For me this is the best time to be in crypto, you know why?

Price - Bitcoin is in prices that everyone wished in December, why you don't buy now? A lot of altcoins and ICO's are near or below ICO price (a lot of people didn't get in the popular ICO's)
Development - This is the time projects need to start building and developing and show results, the more the market grows and mature the less the hype and speculation we will see.
Build - This is an amazing time to start build your crypto project, you will get rewarded when the market recovers.
SCAMS - The market is learning (VERY SLOWLY) with scams, a lot of people lost their investment in projects that promised big gains, this is bad because some people automatically lose interest in the space but also good because a lot of people learn the lesson.

So if you are still active in crypto you will be rewarded in the future. If you want to be involved in the space and helps projects with your skills there is some platforms for crypto job listings, check some here: You want to work on the cryptocurrency market? Here is some platforms to find jobs

What do you think about this? Are you still here?

I will be back very soon to create some content for this amazing community!

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