How to make money with a crypto website

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Hello Steemit Community!

If you have a crypto related website, a blog, news media, report, whatever and you have a lot of people visiting and you want to monetize it I will share some ways you can do it.

Just because is crypto it doesn't mean the ways to make money change, they are the same as regular niche, you just need to be able to provide the best advertising and affiliate campaigns to crypto people not using regular ads.

Crypto ads

I found a pretty good advertising website called CoinTraffic that provides ads specific for crypto projects.

Is used by the most popular websites in the crypto space


Buy and sell crypto

Coinbase is the most popular one, you can earn 10$ for each person you refer and buy at least 100$ worth of crypto.

Changelly - Commission for every transaction.

ShapeShift - Commission for every transaction.

CoinJar - Commission for every transaction.

BitMex - Margin trading, commission for every order.

LedgerWallet is the most popular hardware wallet that you earn a commision for every refferal order you get.


Binance - Earn a % of the fees.

Cryptopia - Earn a % of the fees.



Do you have any crypto related project? How you monetize it?

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With an ever increasing amount of people using adblockers, the best chance for publishers at this point is the Brave browser.

True, I didn't talk about it because I don't have any real information about it but I know is a good idea and they are working with BAT
Thanks for comment

What your personal experience with those programs?

I don't have a crypto website but i can vouch for the coinbase and ledger affiliate programs that i got refer some people.

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