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Hello Steemit Community!

There is a lot of sources of information in this space but keep up with different websites and platforms can be a hassle. I compiled a list of the best platforms that combine the best source of informations that you can filter by coins, social media or simply the best curated content from crypto.

CoinBuzz - You can choose your watchlist coins and get a live feed of the best information in their social media (Twitter, Reddit) and google trends.

FAWS - You can filter the coins you are interested to get feed of news from alot of different news crypto sources.

Cryptopanic - A curated news aggregator of the most important evens in the crypto space.

Coinspectator - Features news from different sources and crypto-news sites, it has a price section with the value of the most important cryptocurrencies in the market, and it features the latest ICOs.

Cryptocontrol - Very interesting way to show the best crypto news organized by different areas like Blockchain, General News, Mining News, ICOs, etc...

CoinLive - Probably the most complete and interesting news aggregator platform, it has a news terminal where you can see a live feed of information about the whole crypto market and each project.

Do you use any of this platforms? Do you have any recommendation?

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A very very good and useful list. Thanks!

Thanks for the comment!

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