Streamity: advancing the digital world through security and fair exchange

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Technology is changing the world, it has both it advantages and disadvantages, for you to enjoy technology you have to make it work in your advantage.

Technology has changed our paper currencies into online cryptocurrency, this is of tremendous advantage to our life as it makes business easier, faster and fun. Nevertheless, we human beings are not all good and can never be, in every one thousand people there must be someone with bad intentions...

Few months back, I had an emergency situation and I need them some cash to sort out the issue and time wasn't on my side. It was around 12:30am I had just received a threat, that I couldn't ignore, I had to act on the issue within 7 hours, I decided to sell off some of my crypto coins as they were enough to set me free from all troubles, the only way I could get to sell it fast was from an exchange group on telegram, after sending a message to the group about my interest to sell my coins, I got no response as most people were sleeping, at least u thought so before I got a DM from someone saying he wanted to buy and I had to search for a third party we could both trust but he told me it was late and we would not find, and I would be paying extra, we should just make the transaction, his price was nice, very nice, it added some extra thousands to what the coin was worth, so I agreed, I sent the coins directly to his wallet address and that was it. I sent my account number to receive payment and then he started giving excuses like network issues, bank froze his account, then boom he vanished, my coins were gone. The painful part was I trusted him not knowing I had been scam for hours I kept on believing the bank excuses till he vanished, later to discover he had never bought from the exchange group he left the group that night and till now I still feel the pain he caused me.

Streamity is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchanger, and with the help of their Streamdesk service they have made cryptocurrency exchange easier and with minimal risk. They use smart media tokens to act as a third party so u receive as soon as you pay.



cryptocurrencies are bought from their owners for fiat currency through digital currency exchangers and Streamity is an advanced digital currency exchanger as they have built up using smart media tokens to eliminate the use of human third party

more than a million people have one thing or the other to do with cryptocurrencies and this brings about the need for exchange platforms like Streamity.


There are many cryptocurrencies exchangers, but Streamity is different because of their key element STREAMDESK AGGREGATOR

**STREAMDESK ** is a service from streamity that will ensure the security of cryptocurrencies exchange with Fiat currency and will eliminate third party with the use of smart tokens.

The STREAMDESK prototype is available online and rep resent their core concepts.
According to their plan it will ensure the most secure and efficient exchange of cryptocurrencies by aggregating market capitalization and price data from major cryptocurrency exchanges.

cryptocurrency rates will be fair, and there will be no induced profit manipulation every fee is known in advance and is transparent


Using smart contracts, streamdesk is made to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat currency without intermediaries (third party)

  • immediate
  • efficient
  • secure
    { offers exchange from crypto to fiat currency and from one crypto to another}


Paying membership fee allows you to make transactions with out commission (commission will be charged only when your transaction exceeds your membership level (package level)

Streamity's uniqueness

Taking a deep look at their white paper, Streamity's uniqueness can be observed as they are different from their competitors through the use of smart contracts.

this will ensure extra security from smart contracts
this will bring fair pricing as other p2p exchange price are determined by the users and transaction are not secure.


this is Streamity's decentralized application (a p2p exchange plat from with smart contracts)


this is in one word Streamity's currency in the sense that all payments for projects services will be made in STMs (Streamity's token) this would be given using the ethereum platform, 180,000,000 tokens at 0.20$(USD) {start exchange rate}

STMs can be bought with exchange for BTC, LTC, ETH, USD, EUR minimum transaction amount in ETH = 0.1ETH


Benefits (with reference to their white paper page 15 )

streamity white paper

How will STREAMDESK change the cryptoworld

  • less scam
  • fast
  • easy to use by literate
  • secure

Extra services from Streamity

clear display of relevant market data, it's fee with fair and transparent exchange

Streamity services will include news, analysis, educational and investment resources which will add value-added assistance to investors

With Streamity's STREAMDESK exchange of cryptocurrencies and fiat currency would be easier and faster

streamity white paper

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Want more information?

Streamity website


Streamity onepaper

Streamity YouTube

Streamity Facebook

Streamity medium

Streamity telegram

Streamity Twitter

Streamity bitcointalk

Technology is changing the world, it has both it advantages and disadvantages, for you to enjoy technology you have to make it work in your advantage.

Streamity 2018

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