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So it seems BIP91 signaling has reached 90.9% as you can see on

What this essentially means is that segwitt will happen and BIP148 isn't going to do anything (since BIP148 was meant to force segwitt in case miners didn't want the update) and no hardfork on 1º of august will happen since miners already agree on segwitt, however later on November a hardfork could still happen with segwitt2x, but for now the price will probably keep pumping.

chart (9).png

If you missed the boat you might still catch a bit before august 1º since some people will probably still be spooked by BIP148. I've seen a few exchanges talking they'll close trades with BTC a day before 1º of august and coinbase said 4 hours before the activation of the fork.

Just in case you should still remove all your bitcoins from exchanges to wallets that you know the private key, the wallet can be ANYTHING jaxx, exodus, bitcoin qt, whatever has long has you have the private key that is what matters because all wallets are the same on all clients.

If I'm being an ignorant idiot please comment explaining me if I have it wrong. Thank you.

That will be all, peace out.

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BIP91 lock in threshold achieved

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