Social Media Marketing 2019

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Requires High Engagement


Is Kryptonia the Right Tool to use?

  • Marketers with 30 years servicing large corporate companies sharing content to 184k Twitter Followers. (Visit Twitter @SydesJokes )
  • Influencer Marketers/Members interactive on a variety of platforms sharing worldwide. (Instagram, Facebook, Steemit, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Blogs)
  • Paid Media using Superior Coin, extend awareness, essential component of revenue growth and brand awareness for online businesses.

Calling All Entrepreneurs!

Social Media Buyers seek out entrepreneurs with skills in procuring advertising from social media platforms, this places you in a firm position to sell your online skills using Kryptonia, obtaining ROI (Return on Investment).

Ideas for making money from Social Media:

Blockchain Technology is new, strong selling points as to why use Kryptonia?

  • Enables you to take people anywhere on the world wide web promoting your content, or content you make earnings from at a reasonable turn around time using tasks and paying people in Superior Coin.
  • No matter which playground you use as choice on social media platforms, Kryptonia will take people there in a simple system that is easy to learn.
  • Superior Coin is available on Exchanges, a very affordable cryptocurrency to assist you earning. Nothing in life is free, it takes some to make some.
  • Eliminate fraudulent traffic - You are connected to other marketers online. Think back to how many platforms not based on blockchain in the past year have been hacked, data basis gone?
  • No more middlemen, blockchain technology relies on high levels of security, consumers feel safer to transact without being overwhelmed with advertising. Data disclosed is by the user even though each transaction is visible for all to see, you are more in control of your privacy.

This is my experience, please do your own research before making decisions

Change is happening... (My Thoughts)

Over the past three years reading/learning more about blockchain technology I have noticed, higher quality is being demanded by influencer marketers, higher levels of security is in the forefront of most blockchain systems, you are definitely more in control of your content, moving crypto is no more difficult than transacting in fiat.

Ideally in time we will all be moving to the blockchain, become invested in places like Kryptonia, Steemit, Sapien, Indorse and dTube who knows which ones will become tomorrow's future!

2019 is on our doorstep, 2017/8 we have seen great moves forward with massive adjustments, time is now to research blockchain projects, possibly become invested in projects that appeal to you.

Thought for today: CEO and founder at on G.Social Christopher J Kramer “The blockchain is transforming social media through censorship resistant, global ledger technology that puts each person in control of their data and monetization without the requirement of top-down control’’.


Communities I Support: #qurator #steemitbloggers #teamsouthafrica #steemitbuilder



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Kryptonia is a fabulous invention - I hope it doesn't change. My business plan is paid to click plus affiliate marketing on the side.

Sounds like you have set up and ready to rock 2019 @deathlyhorror

Steemit has been a source of income to me for some time now. And am really investing in them.

Thank you so much for the shout out @joanstewart. I really appreciate that.

I am trying so hard to reach people with my natural weight loss message and 2018 has been a distracting disappointment. As you know, I am revamping my coaching program now and focusing more on those posts here at steemit as well.

I'm working hard on dtube and love kryptonia as well. I'm tweeting more and facebooking less.

No matter what, I am staying optimistic and focusing as best I can. 2019 is going to be a wonderful year for me, of that I have no doubt. I have no money to invest or even enough to live on really. But I can invest my time and energy, so this is what I do :)

I had noticed you have altered your program, nothing ventured, nothing gained, good luck going into 2019 with a new look Sharon.

My plans are to earn more fiat money and then buy more Bitcoin

Good idea Ian.

@SydesJokes is providing really good social media promoting business feature like tweets etc . its awesome!

Nice to get positive feedback @jefflewis

You always write helpful interesting posts, thanks. I think, I will continue my current projects in 2019, and may find something new, of course, cryptocurency paying sites are my priority

Testing some new projects whilst learning is on-going, it takes time finding ways to make life easier helping each other along the way.

I just try to earn money in social media through steemit and kryptonia by doing the task and i am trustful of what i am doing

Learning and earning with social media is what many have become excited about, good quality is becoming apparent.

Is it not true that people on kryptonia are "mining" superior coin by only doing high value tasks, without really taking notice of what the task is trying to achieve?

You have that on all platforms, Kryptonia does offer you to option of rejecting a payout if a task is not correctly completed.

If a Task requires you to sign up via a link, whether you accept the task it is you decision. Likewise don't do the task with no intent of doing the sign-up, you may be revoked which is not good for your standing in the community.

Task is there with a specific call out to assist the person who put the Task up, paying members to complete the task to do so if they so wish.

Very Helpful Post And Article Also I Hope 2019 will Be Better Year For Crypto ✌

We cannot change the past, perhaps the future will be great in crypto...

I have definitely made some commitments in 2019. From Jan - Aug I gonna buy two cryptocurrencies by investing 300$ each month.

Not a bad idea if this is how it rebound previously....


I still see one major problem that the blockchain has not overcome and that is the shutting down of the whole system so no one has access to anything. One should always have some gold and silver in your possession.

The horse has bolted @richard78624 blockchain is here to stay IMHO, no person will carry gold and silver into a store, it is hidden treasure you hoard in the hope it will retain/gain value.

Blockchain gains entry digitally where most people are today, making transacting easier, retaining information safer, planning into a future where you are your own banker, contracts, services offered.

Never invest everything in one place, none are that safe!

I hope this coming new year the best for the crypto space and i think Kryptonia is the best tool for 2019

February to June I think we will start seeing crypto move in a positive direction, the settling down period has been good IMHO @me2017

2019 is all about moving onwards and upwards, achieving new goals and not stagnating, if you are taking off in an airplane of success, don't let go of the throttle ;)

People talk about crypto being down, more people joining the Tribe, this is only the beginning....


Your post so helpful, thank you!

Have a nice year end break if you taking on @ziggypepper

My plan in 2019 is to establish a working blog that will provide invaluable information to people.

Good luck in your new venture @blogjeremiah

[email protected]

Kryptonia can Influencer Marketers/Members interactive on a variety of platforms sharing worldwide. (Instagram, Facebook, Steemit, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Blogs) - This is worthy of recognition and expectation.

Paid Media / extend awareness / essential component of revenue growth and brand awareness for online businesses/ to use Superior Coin pay - they afraid that there will be big problems - There will be great difficulties.

What kind of difficulties @cloudblade

Mainly price stability and growth
How to achieve

  1. Security
  2. Universality - Circulation - Dispersion
  3. Equivalent assets
  4. Limited quantity
    Superior Coin seems to be based on 1)+2)+3)
    Many currencies have begun to create another battlefield, that is 3)
    Establish the equivalent assets of Superior Coin
    For example, office website said : future will be established Exchange.
    Games - such as cards...
    Virtual community - personal information on some websites - you can see his home after you click in, there are all kinds of dress up, and those dress up are use coins to buy or event gifts....
    I think it can learn, but we can improve it. For example, we can use it as a reward to other member. When I use it to reward other member, its level will drop by one level. If it falls to level 0, it will disappear. For example, the car of level 9 to rewarded 9 times, it will disappeared.
    those dress up have The freeze period, after the freeze period, can be sold to the official website. (Deducting taxes)
    Click the thing can to see the source,
    Event giveaway or someone gives or hides the source,
    Those dress up is attractive to young people.
    Especially students.

Earn, invest and trade money be it fiat or digital.

Find good reason to spend, measure Return on Investment in time, effort, value in spend.

social media is really helpful and im glad i can use it in my everyday life

Communicating into platforms where people look for advice, or just a chat.

Kryptonia has really been a blessing for me, I will invest more in superiorcoin 2019, thats my goal.

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