Is it time for the bulls? Will history repeat itself?

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Bitcoin broke out yesterday and the alts suffered again because majority of the traders are taking profits and cashing out their BTC into fiat, this was painful for the ones who are day trading their alts yesterday, but is it also good? will this be a delayed gratification? as you can see in a 4hr time frame LTC/USD BTC/USD ETH/USD BCH/USD which are the Bluechips have almost the same pattern a Bullish Pennant, and from my last post I mentioned what Bullish Pennant Pattern is capable of and in the comments I showed its result, and as you can see in the mini chart of that they almost have the same pattern, and last year almost the same quarter the bull run started. Let us all see if we are really in a bullish market now and if we will experience again a bull run. We are all hoping for this bull run.





CMC mini chart


But if you're a day trader you're pretty happy because you made profits from yesterday and still profiting by now as it approaches the $8000 again and hoping to breakout until the Fibonacci Golden Ratio the 61.8% level which is $8200 area, but even if we are seeing an uptrend on the 15m chart of BTC, I see a Bear Flag Pattern forming and in a Bear Flag the price may breakdown, But lets hope that the Bear does not materialize

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Nice you did a good post..keep it up.


thanks sir! appreciated :)

Boss jetgab very nice post


thanks boss!

look at this, the bear flag does not materialize but my analysis that it would approach the golden ration area did! we are now at the golden ration level of the Fibonacci which is 61.8% this is a strong one i think, but lets all hope it would break

Will consider this :) thanks for the update!


thanks sir, much appreciated! :)

The whole cryptocurrency market is on a green day, The traction gained yesterday represents a bullish breakout which may lead to move all the way up to the resistance and area of interest, coins and tokens posting double-digit gains,
Bitcoin is up by 13.51%, Ethereum gains 17.12%, and Ripple surges by 20.59%.
Source as we see the markets are rebounding strongly as a day trader I'm anticipating that $10k potential resistance.UPVOTED!


yes sir I strongly agree, We all hope it goes up until 10k then we should take profits at that area. thanks for the Upvote sir! :)

Let´s sure hope that this is the beginning of the bull market again and the Nov-Dec 2017 would repeat itself. I have a small holding on ETH/EUR BTC/EUR, XRP/EUR and am glad altcoins are tagging along. Upvoted!


we all hope ma'am that we will have a strong bull run in the following days. Thanks for the Upvote!