Introduction to Raiblocks

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Introduction to Raiblock

i have personally monitoring Raiblocks for a while. i have earned som rai and the cryptocurrency has grown.

Nonetheless, i couldnt find a single post about it here on steemit. So now i have decided that I will write an introduction to rai

So, im not sure if i should just write it long or Provide a short text and a bunch of links.

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What is Rai/Raiblocks?

Raiblocks is a cryptocurrency which doesnt require PoW and instead a PoS system based on account balance

Now below here i will put a short summary of Raiblocks design features as mentioned Here

And also to the main wiki

Signing algorithm - ED25519

ED25519 is an elliptic curve algorithm developed in an academic setting with a focus on security from side channel attack, performance, and fixing a lot of the little annoyances in most elliptic curve systems.

Hashing algorithm - Blake2

 In our implementation hashing is used purely as a digest algorithm against block contents. Blake2 is a highly optimized cryptographic hash function who's predecessor was a SHA3 finalist.

Key derivation function - Argon2

The KDF is used for securing the account keys in the reference wallet.

Block interval - Instant

With raiblocks, each account has its own block chain and can update this chain independent of anyone else in the network. This metric is actually non-applicable however we include it since it's a standard metric for other cryptocurrencies.

UDP message protocol

Our system is designed to operate indefinitely using the minimum amount of computing resources as possible. All messages in the system were designed to be stateless and fit within a single UDP packet.

IPV6 addressing

The system is built to completely support both IPV4 and IPV6.

Permanent storage minimization

A lot of work was put in to eliminating redundant data in the block chain in order to minimizing the long-term storage footprint of the ledger.

  • Blocks in the ledger track balance values rather than balance deltas
  • Balances are only stored when necessary
  • Blocks are fixed size



Right now Raiblocks is in Some kind of faucet distribution which basically means that you can solve captchas and claim Rai

I just wanted this to be a basic introduction so will basically end it here and below i will put Links to the website etc

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