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Goldilock is a remote custody system and digital asset security suite. This system acts as a cold storage until the moment in which the user needs to access their funds or data.


In order for the user to access their private data, the physical device must be connected to the internet and will be granted access for a set time with different layers of authenticity in a secure manner. One of the main ideas on which Goldilock is based is that if you are connected to the internet you can be hacked. This is due to the large number of hacks in the cryptocurrency industry.

Goldilock is changing the way we store our data on the internet, creating a safe and less vulnerable ecosystem for the storage of data and cryptocurrencies with a system that provides remote physical disconnection of data over the internet

What are the benefits of combining the best of cold and hot storage?

Apart from the fact that exceedingly few of the current crypto businesses have built their operations, whitepapers and roadmaps on a patent, Goldilock with its filed patent in 2017 is different! What can we find there?

The airgap security solution which will be discussed later has the power to handle the misuse of crypto-keys and eliminates some flaws of cold storage and hot storage. On the one hand from perspective of an investor, paper wallets are not the optimal solutions when it comes to trading. Ledgers and USB sticks can be damaged and can bring many problems by just being physical. On the other hand, keeping cryptofunds online, for instance at an exchange which can be hacked is not a better solution. Losing control over our money is not what we as whole entire crypto community had in mind, when we turned our backs and said good bye to banks and third parties in between. Goldilock’s solution is empowering the user by bringing control over sensitive digital assets and your crypto-keys. The difference to usual extensions like LastPass or Dashlane is that Goldilock is a blockchain solution, it is decentralized!

The Goldilock API Services will run on-premise, in our colocation facilities, and in the Cloud. These services will make it easy for enterprises and partners to create privacy-focused, consent driven applications. The APIs can be embedded within non-decentralized applications or into stand-alone dApps. Because of the way Goldilock is architected, after initial wallet deployment to users focused on NEO we will be in position to service other major cryptocurrencies in a matter of weeks.

Goldilock can serve your needs online when you need it, e.g. when you need access to your money; Goldilock is offline when you are traveling. Goldilock is accessable anytime from anywhere. Furthermore Goldilock is with its promising API Services looking forward into a golden future, because it is not only the blockchain innovation in 2018 for travelers, digital nomads or the private person, but also advantageous for institutions.

How can banks, insurance companies, and other institutions benefit from integrating Goldilock technology to their existing systems?

Institutions are settled and powerful entities. They draw their strength from their organizational formats, the large number of people working together, conforming to a certain philosophy and complying to the logic of the environment. Employees are one of the major points and personnel costs are usually one of the most expensive ones within organizations. With a glance at how working scenarios look like today, home office, flexible and dynamic working, traveling and remote work are immediately on the table.

If you’re working within a bank, maybe you are rooted within your hometown, going every day to work, maybe as staff at the counter. Climbing the hierarchy, you will realize, the more you want to earn as an employee the more flexible you will have to be. Traveling and remote work will change the way you will think about work, i.e. earning more might be correlated with flexible working arrangements. Be aware of the risks! If you’ve made your way through several promotions and hard work, either within your bank or insurance company, you will care for the safety of your funds. You will also care to have a competitive edge on your colleagues, i.e. you will have to think how your flexible work setting fits with realization of the theory and practicability. You will have to manage your sensitive data in a different way you have done before.

Merging with Goldilock could not only make you as person more competitive, but differentiate your division, your whole company from other market competitors. Being able to dedicate yourself more to clients will make a difference, will highlight your position as institution from the mass. Trust is a crucial value that must be communicated appropriately via risk management. Goldilock would not only be this strong argument for your institution. It could change a whole institutional attitude and create a unique mixture of sensitivity digital security and trust. Not to mention Goldilock’s ongoing partnership building with banks, hence it is a company located in San Francisco many others in Europe are waiting for, too.

When it comes to trust another very important sector has to be mentioned: health care!
What a shame that some pharmaceutical companies have still not entered crypto-sphere on the blockchain!

Blockchain won’t solve all of our world problems, but it could be the first step towards how we as society want openly discuss topics. Recent case in China about Changsheng Biotechnology’s vaccine scandal is not only an issue of how to track data safely on the blockchain, but also how secure is the environment until users are reaching the save haven of blockchain at all, meaning, “[t]he points of vulnerability lie instead in the ways users access the blockchain.” Pharmaceutical Companies that would care about their data would reconsider to secure their access via Goldilock's technology.

How will Goldilock change the way people handle their sensitive digital data?

People will stop to talk themselves into believing cold storage in form of hardware ledger wallets is the ultimate solution! Let it be supposed that the USB Stick gets damaged and we already know how hard it is to find crypto-and blockchain specialists on the market to build these devices. But are there enough experts to repair them? We know that the industry is booming and selling, booming and selling.. Are we really prepared for the case one of our devices gets damaged? Will we as digital nomads or travelers send our broken physical device to France when we are in the middle of the rainforest? Maybe our jungle hut has internet connection, but the postman or postwoman might not give us a visit regularly. Will we as a bank, insurance or pharmaceutical company feed the hardware ledger wallet monopolies, because there is no other competitor on the market? It’s time to open the eyes and reach out to the real solutions that suits us digital natives. Goldilock will give us the chance to live a blockchain solution. Lock token will give us the possibility to proceed in smart contract logic far better than the available one on Ethereum.
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What is the security benefit of keeping the data offline using "airgap" technology?

The Goldilock enterprise has a good problem solution awareness and managed it insofar as to think out of the box in a visionary way. First, they knew that physical cold storage cannot be the end (future). Second, they learned from experience and the huge hack problems within crypto industry that come with online hot storage of funds (history). Both combined within airgap technology and non-IP mechanism enable to store a wallet offline, which is not accessible from the Internet. The reliance on a patent gives the company as a whole stability. Who knows what could happen in wild west cryptoeconomy, at least the technology can be undoubtedly called save against competitors. The security benefit in keeping sensitive data offline is to make it also non-physically accessible, which can be compared to building bridges towards the future, where humans are not bound to only one location their whole life.

How can improved cryptocurrency security and access impact mass adoption?

This question can only indirectly be answered of how willing are cryptocurrency exchanges to implement Goldilock into their day-to-day operations? It’s out of question that Goldilock has potential to offer solutions for cryptocurrency exchanges’ hot wallet storage problems. Goldilock’s management services of handling peak traffic periods when the markets getting hot would be a positive side effect in these partnerships. As previously mentioned security is also about trust and cryptocurrency exchanges are lacking that kind of trust that could be restored by Goldilock. Thinking just in black and white, cold and hot storage is not conducive. To have a sustainable impact on mass adoption, partnerships have to be formed with institutions that have the masses already or will attract them in near future with a strong vision, excellent team, practicable and resolute idea implementation.

It is noteworthy that apart from exchanges, institutions, communities and social media platforms, there are networks. Networks are far more scalable than companies and have the advantage of an infinite co-operational arsenal. As soon as first approach with a network was successful, the flexibility will pay off, i.e., that network owners have different glasses on and in a purposive way know best which branch for Goldilock could be most promising, which network nodes or arms should be stimulated first to reach the masses effectively.
goldilock professionals.gif
Goldilock and its team is already situated as professional, but for growth it needs more, it needs more partners from outside not only within its same geographical area. Europe is a huge market and having an implementation with growing Austrian cryptocurrency exchanges from the beginning on would be far easier than trying to reach cryptocurrency exchanges that are already too big, had already losses in their reputation.

The reality of digital transformation strategies: No two are the same

Most CEOs are focused on understanding all the different ways their business can be disrupted over the next five to 10 years and identifying how they can win given this dynamic landscape. During the Americas’ SAP User Group (ASUG) webcast “Why Digital Transformation Should Be a Strategic Priority,” Julie Goran, leader of McKinsey’s Digital Strategy and Organization Practice, shared, “most [CEOs] feel at best uncertain and completely overwhelmed. So, in response, we studied different types of disruption that we have observed and found that there are some distinct flavors of disruption.”

In fact, recent McKinsey research has identified six different strategies for digital transformation, ranging from modest to extreme disruption and influencing demand, supply, or both:
Figure: Digital transformation strategies based on degree of disruption and impact on demand and supply

  1. Undistort demand

By focusing on the demand side of modest disruption, companies can make an existing product easier to purchase through digital channels or unbundle it to address an unmet need. Amazon is a great example. It takes products purchased at existing stores and allows customers to browse the “store” and buy the product online anytime and anywhere.

  1. Unconstrain supply

Shifting a modest disruption towards supply reimagination enables businesses to sell products that customers already want, but also source them in an entirely different way. Airbnb has based its entire model on this strategy, unleashing the market for hotel rooms or accommodations.

  1. Make new markets

When demand and supply are both affected by a modest disruption, the transformation is more meaningful. Think about what Uber has done to the taxi industry. While the service is fundamentally the same, Uber took a different path to answering demand with a new way of sourcing. In turn, this has created a service that is faster, more transparent, and more streamlined than traditional taxi services, which are all key factors in the customer experience.

  1. Create new value propositions

Extreme disruption on demand opens an opportunity to enrich current offerings with information, connectivity, or social content. By doing more of the customer’s work, businesses can offer added value to the client while finding a new source of revenue through service monetization. Take John Deere, for example. In a short time, it moved being “just a manufacturer” to becoming a partner that can help farmers grow crops more productively through the information generated from their machines’ sensors.

  1. Reimagine business systems

If extreme disruption is redirected towards supply, the cost structure is changed through automation, virtualization, and disintermediation. This tactic is allowing Progressive Insurance to break down an age-old industry paradigm with user-based pricing. Rather than guessing the risk of a policyholder, the insurer is analyzing real-time data to get a more accurate view of the individual customer to reward safe driving with the best price and incent for performance improvement.

  1. Hyperscale platforms

Innovating new products and services, while changing how they are supplied, brings tremendous value to the customer and the business. More important, the model causes damage to adjacent industries and competitors. Google and Apple are a testimony to this type of extreme disruption, especially when you consider what they have done to industries beyond their own.

Benefits for a better life:
The use of the Goldilock platform in all the areas that characterize them further streamline the massive use of cryptocurrencies away from the premise that if we expose our portfolios will be vulnerable to computer attacks. Each day companies, governments and entrepreneurs seek emerging solutions that adapt to their needs but that in turn offer complete security of all their information. That's why Goldilock could become the number one platform in data security and assets for both the common user and the most recognized company. Goldilock can only offer these services without distinctions or barriers reaching great acceptance by all the community that enters the handling of the Blockchain and the use of data in the cloud.

Goldilock Solution

Goldilock user need to access their personal data to make more secure their data,
So that hacker unable to hack their data.

Personal data and private key must be secured and need to be fully backed-up.

Private key and all personal data quickly accessible
when user need to access quickly.

Goldilock choose the best NEO network.
NEO will be the first and secure cryptocurrency platform.
Uset can make a transaction with GAS using this platform.





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