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To Buy Or Sell Bitcoin Cash... That Is The Question

in crypto •  2 years ago 

Sure, I'll answer. Fuck off ... you believe everything the guy who scammed me (Ken Johnson - read about him here... he is now an on the run fugitive says about me? LOL.

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I was talking about the passport company, not the real estate company.

Anyway, it is hard to know what happened, there are some convincing information suggesting that you scammed some people in the past, in the passport company... I dont know... lets just focus on the future... and the fiat money system is a bigger scam, no matter who scammed who!

Hmmm not sure I responded on the right thread... anyway, it appears a few people have posted the truth of what happened, so thanks to those!


Good point @jeffberwick , pls focus on your positive work and great post....which inspired me to make a post on @dan.

Feel free to see my latest post about how I exposed @dan ´s secret plan to take over the world. More success to you.