Today is a crypto maintenance day

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So no work today. Which means I have time to dedicate towards SIDE INCOME!!!

I've fired up the Extra History playlist and have that going for background noise, and I'm here writing up a todo list for my crypto day. So let's get started.

  • Order Steem account gift certificates
  • Make Kucoin account (get referral for @scandinavianlife, since I first heard about the exchange through him.
  • Get crypto out of HitBTC and into new Kucoin account
  • Arrange a Wallet set
  • Print out Wallet set for backup
  • Design (Or find someone to design) Steem Profile pictures (what I have just isn't working for me. Though I still love that backpack.)
  • Make Live Distro for future Steembox (or crypto box in general really. The future holds many things I cannot expect.)

I think that's it really. Just have to avoid distractions....
image from HDD, I forget where it was from
Doesn't seem like much, but all of this has to happen on a laptop that has no business running Windows 10 and is running Win10. Bleh.

While hunting for a picture for this post, I found this article about Japan's Crypto Girls.

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She's in zero-g and using her legs to push her into the seat!


Yup, though I have no idea what kind of hardcore product she uses to keep her hair still.

The important aspects for me were that she's playing what looks to be an mmo in SPACE!

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nice post

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