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I have been sitting on my DNT for quite a while now. Biding my time. Waiting. When crashed close to 90%, I still waited and bought more. Why? I firmly believe that DNT is a $6B+ coin in the making, and I think that shot up might happen sooner than expected. Here's why. 

1. District0x will be the first WYSIWYG dApp Editor

This is an often underestimated but hugely significant element to District0x's future success. District0x aims to be a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) platform like Wordpress or Squarespace. The idea of making dApp creation easy and user-friendly will inevitably cause people to flock to the system. It's really pretty simple, when you think about it. If you want to build a marketplace dApp, would you rather pay $100/hr.+ to hire a blockchain developer, or would you rather do it yourself? 

Ease of use is everything when it comes to adoption. Wordpress, the free open source website building platform, currently powers over 25% of all websites. I see no reason why the first WYSIWYG dApp editor won't hold the same market share.

2. District0x is a platform, not a product

Closely tied to number 1 is the fact that this is a platform. Platforms are huge. Platforms are where the real growth potential lies. This is because you're not just gaining off of the effort of one team or one product, but hundreds of teams and hundreds of products. Even now months before district0x will launch its core underlying operating system, we already see a number of teams building incredible markets with the intention of running them on the district0x platform. Take Bloom, for example. Their goal is to replace Credit Scores, or Bounty0x, a decentralized bug bounty and other paid bounty platform; or the eventual Decentraland LAND marketplace. These are incredible concepts already being built with district0x in mind. Even just one successful project on the platform will result in massive gains for district0x, and this isn't even counting Ethlance or Namebazaar, the district0x core team's already existing markets.

3. BUT it is not competing with platforms like ETH or EOS

District0x has next to 0 direct competition. It has found its niche and it is ready to explode. Much like Steemit, district0x has found a way to build a platform that capitalizes on and rewards creativity in a way other than another smart contract platform might.

4. District0x will have staking and decentralized governance

Staking is great for three reasons. One it reduces supply, two it allows people power over a specific district, and three it can potentially allow for profit sharing from the district. As an example, Bounty0x intends to distribute profits to stakers on a quarterly basis. The other great thing about this is that it allows for individual districts to all be governed by different groups, allowing for each district to be its own autonomous DAO, meaning that it might take only 20 DNT to have a significant voting impact in a really small district or 10,000 DNT to have a significant voting impact in a big district. Make of that what you will, but sometimes with something like Steemit, voting and governance can seem a bit monolithic, like it is only reserved for the hyper-wealthy.

All of this together creates a self-fueling DNT success loop

Here's how it's going to go. 

Building platforms is easy - > dozens of markets are built -> dozens of chances for a district0x-powered "killer app" (more demand for DNT, higher price) -> the more successful markets, the more DNT is staked on those markets for profit-sharing or power (lower supply, higher price) -> the more successful the markets, the more people will want to launch their own markets -> Back to the beginning.

Why aren't people talking about this? Why is it so undervalued?

There are a few reasons why it is so undervalued, all of which I believe will be alleviated as time goes on.

  1. There was a pretty strong post-ico pump and dump, and many people got burned. This lead to a long slow stagnation phase and a strong sell pressure from people trying to dump their bags. As we approach DNT's all time high again, I believe we have passed through that pressure, and everyone who was burned has either been made whole or lost track of the project.
  2. It's not a straightforward concept. At first when you read about district0x, the concept is very unclear. "What is a district?" "What is DNT used for?" As more districts (like Bloom, Bounty0x, etc.) come online, this question should be more or less cleared up.
  3. "DNT is just a voting token." I see this misconception all the time. This comes from confusion in the district0x team's communication, and from the fact that, as DAOs, each district will be entitled to make these decisions for themselves. Bounty0x will have quarterly profit sharing, but it is up to the people who govern the district (the stakers) to decide things like that. So, the district0x team seems to reluctant to advertise profit sharing, since that is not their decision to make, but my assumption is that most stakers in districts will vote to offer at least some portion of the profits to themselves in close to 100% of all districts. I just can't envision a world where people don't do that.

Questions / Comments?

I believe that more or less sums up why I believe District0x is such a good buy right now. I believe my logic is fairly sound. The core question, of course, is are decentralized markets competitive? If you believe the answer to that question is yes, then DNT might be a good buy, and it very well could go into the $6B+ range in the very near future. If you believe decentralized markets are not competitive, then you might want to stay away. 

Is there anything I missed? Do you have any questions? Am I crazy? Please comment below, and let's talk! 






Brady here from district0x. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate the kind words. If anyone has questions, feel free to ask or send them my way.

Thanks for everything you do Brady!

really informative and interesting post...

Thanks! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!

interesting one.

See comment above.

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