CryptoPepes. Breed, Collect, Fight and Trade

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Believe it or not, CryptoPepes is a game based on the blockchain of Ethereum, very similar to CriptoKitties; but instead of kittens, the avatar or character in the game is the popular Internet meme, known as Pepe the Frog. Each Pepe mined or "born" is unique and can be stored in your wallet and kept there securely.

CryptoPepes can be raised (breed), mined or traded (bought or sold). In addition to this, the game allows the CryptoPepes to fight against other CryptoPepes.


The game allows collecting the CryptoPepes since each of them is unique. For this, you must use a wallet developed specifically for that:


As in CryptoKitties, CryptoPepes can be bred. Since each CryptoPepe has unique characteristics when paired with another CryptoPepe, a new unique CryptoPepe can be generated, thanks to a genetic algorithm, designed to combine the unique characteristics of each CryptoPepe. When CryptoPepes are born with rare characteristics, they become even more valuable. However, the latter requires careful nurturing. It is important to note that there are billions of possible genetic combinations, which ensures that there will never be two of the same.


In my opinion, the most exciting part of the game will be the battles. They can fight other CryptoPepes of other players or fight in tournaments. Obviously, the power of a CryptoPepe depends on its DNA, or its genetic configuration in which it was raised. Finally, the earnings will be received in PEP token.


The other way to get CryptoPepes is to mine them. However, the designers established that the CryptoPepe DApp will run for 3 months on the Ethereum Mainnet, a period they call the CryptoPepe Rat Race. At the end of this period, the DApp will work in its own blockchain, called PepChain, which uses a DPOS consensus mechanism, which will improve the application's performance and will undoubtedly overcome the scalability problems of the Ethereum network (approximately 3 times faster than the Ethereum blockchain).

Then, during the period of CryptoPepe Rat Race, every 8 minutes a miner will be able to mine 2500 PEP tokens and every 16 blocks, will be able to mine 1 CryptoPepe GEN 0.

Only 1100 CryptoPepes GEN 0 will be mined in total. It is estimated that during the 3-month period, around 40 million PEP tokens and 1000 CryptoPepes GEN 0 will be issued.

If you have Windows, the following link explains how to configure your computer to mine PEP tokens and CryptoPepes:

Differences with CryptoKitties

The differences between CryptoKitties and CryptoPepes, from a characteristic point of view of the games (since undoubtedly visually they are different), is that the CryptoPepes GEN 0 are 35 times rarer than the CryptoKitties; In addition to this, only 1100 CryptoPepes GEN 0 will be generated, unlike the 35,000 GEN 0 that CryptoKitties has. The designers think that this will benefit the economy of the game.


Mark is a Steemmonster player, a monster card game and he loves the battles that take place in that game. However, browsing the internet, he found the CryptoPepes game and he decided to buy CryptoPepes with specific characteristics. His goal is to take time to breed a new generation of stronger CryptoPepes to be able to compete against any other and win the tournaments.

But, he will not reject those who do not have enough strength to fight but he will sell them at a higher price because they have characteristics that make them rarer and unique. Thereby, Mark obtains a good economic profit with his victories and with the sale of strange CryptoPepes.

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