Crypto vs Weed vs the Dow vs Gold.

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Weed is going to be huge. In fact for this reason I bought coins like THC and others last year.
Countries are following leads of other countries and legalizing it one by one. Although I am staying away from weed stocks...........
Cryptos were pumped hugely and they are now settling down. I am in for the long term so............

I actually dont mind securities for tangible thing like weed. The shares represent the value of the assets held by a company where tokens may just used as terms of exchange. For tangible goods and physical things, securities have a place, for online platforms and software, crypto has a place. Best not to be to bias toward stocks as they are a suitable ledger for specific business models. I do agree that a token is a much more sound form of investment but you could make an argument for physical goods like weed.

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Very beautiful video.
Thanks for the sharing post

uh....... fffff....

How about some weed backed golden crypto eh? lol

In all seriousness, thanks for your content, I always enjoy it.

Dude killin it! lmao

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the more the govt. try to impose ban of such things the higher it grows