Commitment, Devotion and Loyalty. Our Lives Have Changed.

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Life is actually kind of funny how it always tends to offer us opportunities and we often don't see them or we miss out on them because for one reason or another we let them pass on by and then at a later date we think to ourselves "damn should have don that".

My life has been very colourful to say the least, from growing up in Australia to going overseas and experiencing life from different angles and perspective, all the way to falling in love and getting married, to having children and starting a family.

Unfortunately, for many years of the above listed short version of my life story I was not there with my wife and children. My duties and responsibilities required that I be abroad. My choice and I take full responsibility for it. I understand now that we paid a very hefty price for my choices in life.

However, life has as I mentioned offered me an entire new opportunity. It offered me this opportunity twice to date. The chance to get involved with Cryptocurrencies. The first time was about a decade ago when some of my colleagues were talking about Bitcoin. I admit openly that back then my first impression was "No chance in hell are the governments going to allow this" and I left it at that. A few years later again, a person got me looking into Bitcoin and once again I thought to myself that this wasn't something I wanted to do. Again I thought to myself that "the governments shall shut all this down and we shall all lose our investments".

Last year I came across Steemit, my wife tells me that I mentioned Steemit to her much earlier, however to be quite frank, I don't remember. No matter when I may or may not have first heard about it, I actually got into reading and learning about "Steemit" last year, approximately two months prior to registering.

Again, at that time I had no idea that this action would change our entire lives.

At the time it was something new to me and as such wasn't something that I considered to be anything more than just another Facebook or Twitter etc etc etc.
Only once I started getting into it and doing my due diligence did I open the doors to a world of opportunities.

I discovered an entire new approach to life.


As for the blockchain, this I won't go into here, as that opens up the doors to an entire new approach to managing things that have been done in a certain manner for decades or even centuries now. For the topic at hand, that I wish to go into, blockchain technology is obviously related to it, but as such it is not what my post is about.

What has changed our life is the world of Cryptocurrencies.

While many talk about the inns and outs of the market, what most people do not talk about is their lifestyle, the freedoms they have. Yes, this is heavily inter weaved with the FIAT currencies and the way our economical systems dictate our lives, yet there are freedoms and liberties that Cryptocurrencies have made possible to all of us.
Most people in the Cryptocurrency scene either fail to see it, or take for granted that in their lives they have freedoms that others do not. The freedoms offered to us by Crypto has taken "liberty" to an entire new level.

Here is how Cryptocurrencies have changed our lives.

Up until last year, everything that we planned was based exclusively on the FIAT economical system. Everything from schooling to making the move from Europe to Australia.

We were at all times subconsciously and consciously restricted to the amount of "cash" we had available and that we saw coming our way.

This may still be the case as far as managing a household goes, however now with the introduction of Cryptocurrencies to our lives we can see additional opportunities in our lives. Our plans and visions a no longer bound to the daily expenditures and possibilities of potential FIAT earnings. What I am talking about is the fact that we are not restricted in life. One such restriction of the FIAT economy is that to living in a city for example.

Well, one of the main reasons why many people do not leave cities for smaller towns is the limited amount of opportunities that smaller towns have to offer in ways of "earning a living" goes. Understandable and very justifiable. After all, we do still live in a world where Cryptocurrencies are yet to become known of as far as daily life goes, for the most part. Lets not fool ourselves into believing that what we see and do every day is what others see and do.

But lets not worry about the numbers, lets look at the opportunity in what many refer to as "real life" for a family. We are now looking into smaller towns for our "Home" and not worrying about the economical opportunities that exist. We are free to pick and choose. Yes we are looking into the schools and hospitals and so on, but that is something that is done no matter what place we may consider for a life long dwelling that we call "home".

My family shall live life without the "hustle and bustle" of "the big smog" that we call cities and all baggage such life brings with it. My family shall enjoy life, learn to live life without the restrictions that many have. Without the restrictions that we have had. Restrictions that existed only because we didn't know what opportunities Cryptocurrencies offer us.

Life as we knew it, and know it, shall never be the same. Our future is full of freedoms and liberties that were incomprehensible to us until we entered into the world of Cryptocurrencies.

To many out there, this may be "old news" and many, like I said, still don't see it. As the old saying goes "they can't see the forest through the trees". Yet many do and this is what to me as a person is the true power of Cryptocurrencies for our "real lives".

Being able to have choices that in the past were just not feasible is the true wealth that Crypto has brought into our lives. For all of us.

No matter what lifestyle one chooses, no matter what one may wish, there is nothing stopping anyone from making it happen.

While we worry about our daily routines and duties in this "real world" we may get flanked, sideswiped a little from the grand picture. Again, centuries of the one and only economical system known to people affects all of us. We are still heavily influenced by the FIAT economies and in no way are we independent from it. Reality is what it is, I do not want to fool myself. However as stated earlier, new doors have opened up to my family, new opportunities to choose a life that we want. A life that isn't surrounded by and occupied with the daily issues of the FIAT economy.

No new opportunity comes about out of thin air. No I am not referring to mining or in this case blogging. I am not referring to any Proof Of Work (POW) or Proof of Stake (POS). What I am referring to is commitment.

Commitment to making Steemit and Steem a part of our lives. Commitment to investing oneself and ones loyalty to the source of the freedoms and liberties that I spoke of earlier. Even though I mentioned just one little aspect of our family life, the list goes on and on, it is almost limitless if we all were to start jotting down all the things that we now can see and plan thanks to Cryptocurrencies.

Something that my life has taught me is that what ever one does, do it to the best you can. Invest 110% into what you are doing and don't look back, give it all you've got and be proud of what you are doing. Having set new goals in life makes it all the more easier to do. When a person knows where it all leads to, then it is all the more rewarding to wake up in the morning and know that what you do today shall make a difference and get you one step closer to your goals". No matter how small or large that step may be.

One thing is 110% for certain. My family is going to give it our best, we are going to invest ourselves into making dreams come true. Dreams that are not restricted to "monetary wealth" but to the ability to choose and not be restricted to the ways of life prior to Crypto.

Committing our lives and efforts to the source that opened up these opportunities to us, committing more to this than to anything else we have ever done before. Loyalty to something that has already changed our lives and to the source that shall change our children's lives in ways that no philospher could ever put into words.

As you can read out of this post, our motivation is based on love towards our children. Our motivation is based on our wish to give to our children the freedom that we have only recently discovered and embraced. This motivation is stronger than any source of power known to mankind.

Life as we know it has changed and I am so thankful that this opportunity wasn't missed like so many in the past. I know that I shall be committed 110% and that my loyalties are founded upon the future of my children and all the children of this world who can have the freedom to choose one day, thanks to Crypto. We may be at a very early stage as far as Steemit and Steem are concerned, yet I know, from the bottom of my heart that we can make it happen. Everyone who puts in 110% shall change the course of the future for so many people, as it has changed for us.

Steem on.

Thanks for reading.

Yours truly.

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You're a real father. You'll keep getting better and be able to enjoy your time with them .

Is amazing post about crypto.
In few days crypto is higher to higher.

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Crypto won’t let you down, we just survived a regulation wave and f u d attack

If inner-city property values were already over-inflated before crypto, imagine the kind of crash they have coming now.

I seriously am not worried about it, so many things that I can give my kids anywhere I want to now, reguardless of what people may think.

I am not going to stress out about things that used to stress me out before. I don't have to.

you are creating great content....If you have the time, check out my content! Have a great day ahead!

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