CRYPTO NEWS : LTC (Litecoin) 22 08 2018

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LTC (Litecoin)
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[Charlie Lee, "It's like a crypt money price marathon."]
Light Coin founder Charlie Lee announced a week of light coin news on Twitter. "Cryptographic prices are a rule, not a sprint, it's like a marathon," he said. The light coin news that he announced is as follows.

  1. LTC to be added to Gemini exchange
  2. Launch LTC deposit and collateral function in AbraGlobal
  3. Added LTC to Blocknet and Komodo Platform Distributed Exchange (DEX)
  4. Added LTC transaction service to P2P online shopping mall open bazaar in Canada
  5. Add LTC to the Ethernet Network Browser Toshi
  6. Established LTC trading service in Börse Stuttgart, Germany

LTC sure is making moves! Its waaay long overdue for LTC to be added in Gemini! The prices will go up more for sure once it does :D But real world adoption will be key for a real spike up in price. :) And its true, its not a sprint but a marathon, one has to earn patience and grind lil by lil to get better.

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