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The boundaries of blockchain technology continues to expand into versatile applications and complex tasks that represents a challenge in the effective adoption of this revolutionary technology. The success obtained so far motivates and requires the block chains to address conventional activities from an innovative perspective, thus implementing the well-known concept of decentralization and democracy as pillars of a system that brings justice and prosperity.

Source: XAYA edited in power point


The objective in this opportunity comes from the hand of XAYA, a platform based on blockchain and aimed at improving the world of games for both developers and users. In general, the aspects to be reinforced are the ownership and trade of virtual assets, Xaya provides the tools and infrastructure for game developers to build their own blockchain based games.

One of the peculiarities of this project is the ability it provides to users to issue their own currency and then change it to "CHI" the reserve and fuel currency of the ecosystem XAYA. The vision of XAYA is based on creating a "decentralized autonomous universe", so that participation can be massive with full ownership of virtual objects and quick, simple and safe exchanges and shared use, all without losing quality in how fast and profitable the games are.

Experience in decentralized games and vision

Huntercoin an experiment launched in 2013 and constituted by a blockchain aimed at the decentralization of games, has obtained results as the first decentralized and massive game in the world, besides allowing a cryptomoneda mining for users, to Despite being very particular given the specifications and technical requirements that users require to interact on the platform, it is quite assimilated by a large number of people.

Xaya has this premise, preceded by the Huntercoin project, so that the preparation and disposition is evident to achieve the creation of complex and low-cost games by means of the blockchain, thus eliminating the main servers. On the other hand, the "games created on top of the blockchain" opens the possibility to a diverse market and moved into virtual items characteristic of games, with the advantage of being deeper and more sensitive than others that use intelligent contracts.

For Xaya the goal is clear, having the ability to create games in the blockchain, diversity comes inevitably, within this effect, Xaya also plans to allow the exchange of elements between existing games through tools and applications created to satisfy these situations, this undoubtedly represents optimization, since players can transfer game prizes, from one game to another capitalizing in this way what has been achieved in different places, which means that for Xaya everything played is value and at the same time usable in different games.

Context of games and cryptocurrencies

There are many references that indicate that the games market is highly productive. Taking the values mentioned in Xaya's whitepaper we have about $ 108.9 billion per year with an annual compound growth rate of 6.2%, this is jointly the games for mobile phones and computers. This information glimpses what can be the future of the games and the opportunity that exists economically speaking, therefore for Xaya to focus on the technology that rules the markets of the games is enough work for now.

Now how is the market of games related to cryptocurrencies?, it can be said that cryptomonedas take advantage of the dynamics of the markets for this to obtain its value, it is already known by many that cryptos faces difficulties such as regulation and usability, but have also found a space in which they have been profiled as a solution to economic systems, given the technological innovation it represents has had acceptance in different areas, then this is why it has become useful for many sectors , thus strengthening its economic concept, in the same way Xaya aims to make a strong economy, since it is a platform based on blockchain of exchange and negotiation of virtual elements for games, the recurrence of users and their growth will feed the value of Xaya economy, given the advantages as "The time to market and cost saving potential of XAYA", is estimated a fast acceptance by those who see in Xaya the opportunity to bring their product to the market in a fast, fair and affordable way.

The relevant issues and characteristics of Xaya

Source: Xaya whitepaper

The problems are given according to the demand of the developers and players. For Developers the main problem is the time and cost, given how complex it is to create a game and then launch it on a platform, demand a lot of both elements mentioned by the team needed to develop it and the time it takes to manage it. In addition, although Xaya tries to eliminate this barrier, it presents technical challenges such as scalability, both for cryptocurrencies and virtual asset storage books.

On the other hand the players require options where the ownership of the virtual assets and the exchange is guaranteed, as well as the reward for the advances obtained in said game, achieving this configuration implies a virtual asset storage scalable and in real time, the other problem is to create the administrative environment in which the exchange of assets is possible, and control the possible effects of disparity given to the diversity of games, in the end achieve a harmonious operation between so much demand.

Within the features Xaya contemplates the following. For gamers:

  • ¬ Provably fair gameplay
  • ¬ Reliability and stability (i.e. 24/7 uptime)
  • Secure virtual asset ownership
  • Rapid and easy trade and/or sharing of virtual assets and conversion to real world value (e.g. play to earn or Human Mining)
  • ¬ Secure social networking
  • ¬ Easy to use game app launcher
  • Human readable wallet accounts and “addresses”

For developers:

  • Fully-, partially-, or non-decentralised game development.
  • Supporting scalable massively multiplayer game development.
  • Virtual currencies and asset creation.
  • Ability to build gamer loyalty
  • Broad game engine compatibility (e.g. Unity, Unreal, etc.)
  • Exportable game engine templates (e.g. support for Unity assets and Unreal blueprints)
  • Pre-built libraries.
  • Accepting and managing gamer payments simply, securely, and affordably

Xaya's weapons to combat escalation are "Trustless Off-chain Scaling for games" and "Ephemeral Timestamps".

Technical operation

The key technical mechanism of Xaya is presented in the following processes:

  • Atomic transactions: Allows efficient exchange of game elements such as coins and account.
  • Game channels: Based on the payment channels in Bitcoin, this concept is used for the dynamics of the game between multiple players outside the chain of blocks, which also helps the scalability of Xaya.

Source: Xaya whitepaper

Atomic operations play a very important role in the multiple transfers for CHI or articles, the atomic transaction consists of a single operation in which participants must sign the transfer, so that the exchange is executed, this system allows security between the parties that do not trust and avoid the scam that is so abundant in the network.

Source: Xaya whitepaper

the games in Xaya, are considered as game states, that is, a game in its entirety can be taken as any global data, "so that a XAYA client only needs to process and store states for games that interest him". The game channels has been an invention taken from Huntercoin to solve the problem of scalability, also this mechanism allows for example that 2 players perform turn based games in a reliable way, recording movements in a "side chain" and thus guarding these movements, so that any claim can be verified, this same analogy can extend and generalize gaming channels for multiple players.

Featured Games

Latest comments

Xaya has a huge challenge ahead, as it proposes an online game, the complexities of scaling, as well as the options, services and advantages it offers are ideal for users who have the potential to create games, but due The current limitations do not develop this product on the network. Xaya expands the possibilities of thriving in an entertainment for both developers and players, simplifying the processes of asset exchanges and virtual elements of the games, in addition to having total ownership and control over them, these are characteristic of a democratization of activities virtual systems existing on the network today.

We can not fail to mention, the value that the blockchain technological system gains, in the integrity of users in the network and in the improvements that can be implemented in complex systems such as games. The blockchain continues to weave its web in all utilitarian environments in the network and outside it.

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