Freelancer site that uses only crypto for payment (Supports STEEM!)

in crypto •  10 months ago

Interesting new site I came across that uses only cryptocurrency for payment for freelancing work. There is also no fees for the worker or the employer. Revenue is completely from advertising and featured listings.

I've used a lot of consultant/freelancer sites in the past to hire workers and payment is always a big problem. Between the fees and the conversion it is always a big hassle and expensive. You can even use STEEM and pay zero fee transfers on top that.

It is still really new and I only see about 100 gigs listed right now, but it would be awesome to see it replace the big names like Elance and UpWork (used to be ODesk).

Right now I see mostly ETH, XMR, BTC as payment methods, but STEEM would do really well with it's 3 second delivery and no fees.

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Why the hell are you downvoting posts for no reason? Talk about abusing steem power. I worked hard for what I got.


Resolved privately, and flags removed.


Likewise and everyone can disregard my previous comment.


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thank you for this discovery!

Wow, great found. I am gonna check this one. Thanks for the informatiom.

WOW! I'm a freelance graphic designer. This is really good information for me! Thank you.

There's another one called Digiwage that does something very similar. Seems like they're more developed, as well.

It's just a matter of giving it publicity to get Steemians active there and maybe get since of the people there to get steem accounts, the lack of fees is amazing if you are doing cheap short jobs.

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I hope this website will become popular. It would certainly be really nice to be able to buy some work directly with Steem!