🚀 Updates on the First 12 hours of INSC distribution ! 🚀

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Good morning,

First of all we wanted to thank you for the incredible support shown in our first phase.
While I'm writing this article we just exceeded 1.250.000 INSC Distributed only through whitelists and only in the first 12 hours.

remember that this first stage is limited to maximum of 5.000.000 INSC (1000 ETH).

Surely the market in general has not lived in these days its most bull period, but just for this reason I think that following INSC can be a double advantage, as our token will appreciate both in dollar value and in the equivalent in Ethereum in the coming days.

If you haven't registered to our whitelist, you have to wait until we open it again in the next weeks.

For any other information, please contact us at [email protected]

INSCoin team

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