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TrustED is the first-of-its-kind scholastic accreditation confirmation benefit that brings genuineness, authenticity, and accommodation to the training and HR industry. It was established in 2017 as an Academic Credentials Verification Platform, Leveraging Blockchain Technology in Adelaide, Australia. TrustED has now extended to incorporate workplaces in California, USA and has more than 20 joined full time and low maintenance staff.


The TrustED idea was imagined in 2017 in Adelaide, Australia when author Kosta Batzavalis was put under the weight of finding the paper duplicates of his scholarly accreditations he got quite a long while prior and present them to potential businesses. From here on in, the idea of digitalizing scholarly accreditations wind up evident, and through inventive blockchain innovation the TrustED idea ready to upset the manner in which we get, share and confirm our scholastic qualifications. Confided in extended fundamentally in the initial a half year, banding together with California's NetObjex and Dubai's BlockGemini to deliver an across the board arrangement which empowers scholarly organizations to store and issue scholastic accreditations, understudies to carefully hold and offer their scholastic qualifications, and businesses and other confirming outsiders to right away check one's scholarly certifications.
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How it works


• Digitally transfers and confirms scholastic endorsements and certifications of understudies.

• Schools/Universities agree to accept the TrustED stage.

• Schools/Universities can transfer the scholarly qualifications/endorsements of their understudies.

• Schools/Universities can check the scholastic accreditations/declarations of imminent understudies who relocate to their establishments.


• Access and offer scholarly authentications and certifications carefully, while figuring out their identity imparted to.

• Students/Employees download and join to the TrustED Mobile App or utilize the TrustED Web App.

• Students/Employees have full every minute of every day advanced access to every one of their testaments/scholarly qualifications.

• Students/Employees can acknowledge/deny any solicitations from different gatherings who wish to see their scholastic certifications.


• Employers can see, download and check reports effectively.

• An boss downloads and joins to the TrustED Mobile App or utilizations the TrustED Web App.

• The boss will presently can scan for the qualifications of the particular representative and send a demand through to the person to see and confirm their scholarly accreditations.

Blockchain Network

• Enable colleges and instructive foundations to store and issue degrees, testaments and certificates on the system.

• Enable bosses and other outsiders to check qualifications of imminent representatives preceding contracting.

• Graduates from an establishment will now have an all day, every day lifetime computerized duplicate of their scholarly certifications.

Why utilizes TrustED?

• If an organization close down or stops activities because of wars or different cataclysms, the scholarly records of understudies are as yet open and certain.

• Potential framework downtime or server issues with the present framework will never again be an issue.

• 24x7x365 openness to see and confirm scholarly qualifications.

• Impossible to now counterfeit endorsements/certificates.

• Easy to utilize portable application for verifiers to check scholarly accreditations.


TrustED has determined a deliberately arranged and innovatively prepared condition and broadening it into the scholastic certification administration industry will convey a few critical advantages to all gatherings associated with the environment.

Benefits to Academic Institution

Increased Security and Storage

The TrustED stage will display an anchored biological system that will encourage and empower scholastic foundations the capacity to securely store accreditations and authentications cryptographically using the IPFS stockpiling component. Organizations will obtain benefits, as this circulated record instrument is resistant from any extent of security assaults or framework downtime.

Reduced Overhead Costs

Using an advanced self-sufficient stage, scholarly foundations will have decreased overhead expenses by means of limiting the relating regulatory expenses related with business questions, or unified database upkeep charges.

Protected Brand

Establishments can ensure their image as they are presently guaranteed nobody is dishonestly professing to have visited or gotten scholastic accreditations from their foundations.

Minimized Risk of Losing Credentials

The stage will guarantee the permanency of scholastic certifications, limiting any dangers related with losing or losing the accreditations because of outer or human blunders amid the manual dealing with process.

Verifying Credentials

Foundations will be able to confirm the scholarly certifications of understudies rolling in from abroad, or from scholastic organizations that are never again contactable (Specifically focused for International Students contemplating abroad).

Environmental Sustainability

Through the advanced stage, there is currently no requirement for the re-printing of declarations/confirmations.

Increased Revenue Stream

Organizations will be able to charge for scholastic certification confirmation checks, making an extra income stream.

Benefits to Students

Document Portability

Understudies will now have day in and day out access to a computerized duplicate of their scholastic certifications, diminishing any hazard related with losing a paper duplicate.

Permanency of Records

The TrustED stage will guarantee that the scholastic certifications of the beneficiaries will forever be unblemished and in unchanging structure. This will limit any dangers related with losing your accreditations later on.

Ease of Access

In the case people need to share their scholarly accreditations in a prompt situation they will have the capacity to do as such by means of the TrustED application. This is especially valuable in the example a representative needs to impart their scholastic capabilities to their boss, or an understudy moves to consider abroad and necessities to give their present scholarly certifications.

Increased control and security

With the scholarly qualifications being put away through IPFS it will use cryptographic encryption components, guaranteeing the individual keeps up full power over who can view and access their accreditations.

Benefits to Employers and Verifying Parties


Businesses and other confirming gatherings are guaranteed that the scholarly certifications of people are real and have not been altered or adjusted with in any capacity.

Improved Processes and Efficiency

Businesses for instance will now be able to quickly check and access the scholastic qualifications of a representative or worker hopeful.

Decreased Costs and Time Constraints

Through the capacity to right away check and access the scholarly qualifications of an individual, bosses and confirming gatherings will now diminish expenses and time postpones that are related with the present confirmation technique.

Token Economy

Layered over circulated records, contingent upon the current application, is the idea of digital money or tokenized frameworks. This is especially pertinent in broad daylight disseminated records, for example, Ethereum, Bitcoin, IOTA and others. In this segment, we portray the token tasks that will be utilized inside the TrustED biological system





ICO Details

• Token Symbol :TED
• Token Type : ERC20
• Total Token Supply : 1,720,000,000.00
• TEDITO Token Supply 1,204,000,000.00
• TEDITO Duration Q1 2019
• Soft Cap :$11,000,000
• Hard Cap :$21,070,000
• Token Price : $0.02
• ITO min purchase: $10




The potential of this project is huge. They are utilising the blockchain in a very different yet effective way. In future, this can be a huge success and a much bigger corporation.

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