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Betting on better places particularly sports is extremely well known in many nations. This sort of thing isn't new and has been running for a long time now. The prominence and how its done differs with country, city, and culture. Indeed, even from that point forward, the betting framework is spreading like an infection. Numerous individuals are getting into it and anticipating scores on different sorts of diversion and betting on it is extremely normal. But tragically with these betting, there's occasionally debate, wrongdoing, and injustice is included and numerous individuals are a casualty of it. There are some web based betting locales that available where numerous individuals bet particularly in games but there's wrongdoing, and shamefulness, expenses, and numerous different things are included. From that point onward, there's the sportsbooks and gambling but there additionally problems that prompt a risky or uncalled for or untrustable circumstance. there's not all that numerous protected, straightforward and lawful betting spot.

Introduction to MEVU

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MEVU is a shared betting stage which enables anybody to bet on anything they need with anybody on the planet. It keeps running on blockchain innovation to offer the favorable circumstances which current betting stages don't offer. With the MEVU one can run different sort of bets with anybody they like. For instance a bet on a Football match or more like a social and causal bet, for example, on a specific aptitude, who can drink quicker, information et cetera. At whatever point the terms are concurred by both sides, the bet is on.

MEVU is here to alter a specific gaming side of the world called betting. Betting is getting prominent step by step and spreading everywhere throughout the world. Likewise with this betting, many are getting out of line results, less straightforwardness and numerous different problems. MEVU's one of the fundamental focuses behind utilizing the blockchain innovation is fathoming this. Not just MEVU needs to improve betting a network but they likewise need to help individuals who are occupied with betting participate. They will give a few benefits which will be available on no other stage. Likewise for the lawlessness part, they will make the essential strides for it.

Current Betting Market

Our current gambling and betting, both market is big and developing each day. On 2013, a report said global web based gambling gross sum was around $40 billion. What's more, now in 2018, the estimation of the gambling market is more than $50 billion.


Alongside these, there's additionally a decent measure of benefit desired these numerous organizations as well.


Betting is bigger than right now observe. The prominence of betting is expanding at a quick speed. Among them, sports betting is the most celebrated and has a big place with gambling. Numerous specialists believe that every year there's gauge around 1 to 3 trillion of betting occurs the world over. Among them over 90% of betting done is illicit.

Sport Books

Sports Books is a betting spot and most time they exist in legitimate hazy areas. Sports Books are not all that prominent for their notoriety for being their permit and much behavior is extremely suspicious. Above all else, while betting on Sports Book, the main problem one faces the immense passage barrier. One needs to enter with at any rate $300,000 and what's more, there's an absurd expense included. Sports Books charges high expenses with the end goal to make a benefit out of them.

The administration of Sports Books isn't at all trusted. To begin with, they take around 10 to 15 rates of benefit and after that there are numerous situations where the victors were straight not paid. Numerous individuals are a casualty of it and in particular individuals host to manage the third get-together to get their rewards. Our current Sports Books are not in the slightest degree trusted.

MEVU Platform and their Solution

MEVU is intending to make a stage with a sheltered, straightforward, reasonable and obviously a legitimate stage for betting. Subsequent to taking a gander at all the chances our current betting framework gives, MEVU will give every one of these administrations

Peer to Peer

MEVU offers a Peer to Peer stage to make bet with companions or any individuals that exist inside MEVU biological community.


To offer the security the betting needs, MEVU will utilize the Decentralized innovation. Decentralized is known to be the most secure of all and it's exceptionally protected from any sort of hacking. Likewise to bet security has an incredible effect.

Fair Matches

MEVU will guarantee that the bets that are done by means of the stage are particularly reasonable. The bet will start simply after both sides concur. After both sides concur, the betting will start as they concurred and prompt a reasonable match.

Charges and Fees

Contrasting and other betting stages, for example, Sports Books, MEVU will generally have a little measure of charge. Where on Sports Books one needed to pay around 10 to 15% but MEVU one just pays 2-3%. To guarantee better betting, if there are no question, there will be an expense of 2% and if there was a debate, the charge will be 3%.


Paying System

MEVU will utilize the intensity of blockchain and the Smart Contract. With the shrewd contract, MEVU will have the ability to pay somebody quickly on the off chance that he wins and furthermore it will be finished with no impedance and the triumphant sum won't be contacted.

Sports Betting

Sports Betting is so far the most prominent betting spot. MEVU will bolster Sports betting Including Football, Hockey, Baseball, Cricket and some more. This will guarantee buyers fulfillment.

This was just a piece of MEVU administrations. There will be numerous different benefits and administrations given by MEVU to purchasers.

Why Blockchain

Blockchain makes them flabbergast powers which can help whenever used better. MEVU endeavored to utilize a portion of that power in their very own framework and it works. These are the reasons why MEVU picks Blockchain.


Blockchain is at last decentralized and it's nearly as impossible to hack blockchain. This prompts a definitive security. For a stage like MEVU, Security is an imperative part.

Smart Contract

Shrewd Contract is a stunning component of the blockchain. It permits computerized paying and it is alterable. To give the best involvement to betting, paying is so far the most esteemed part ever.

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Straightforwardness is requested by everybody on each sort of stage. It is associated with the trust of individuals. Blockchain precisely gives that straightforwardness.

These are a portion of the essential reasons why MEVU pick the Blockchain.

Team of MEVU




MEVU Token and ICO Details

MVU the token of MEVU stage and one of the part MEVU biological system. For MEVU stage to work effectively, MVU will greatly affect it. The motivation behind MVU is to enable the clients to bet the sum they need and detailing the outcome in the wake of achieving agreement, lottery and numerous other. There will be some approaches to get MVU which won't just be the ICO.


A few insights about MEVU ICO is described below

• Token Symbol: MVU

• Token Standard: ERC20

• Total Supply: 104,800,000

• Token Sale Amount: 45,000,000

• Token Price: $0.34

• Soft Cap: $2,000,000

• Hard Cap: $15,3000,000




Betting business sector is at present in their most noticeably awful position now. So much illicit and injustice. MEVU is demonstrating an answer for this and giving us the chance to bet with no shamefulness, with straightforwardness and security. They are focusing to change the entire betting framework and make legitimate benefit out of it. Whenever done right, they have immense potential.

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